Dr. Joanna Marcuz, Au.D. is a fourth-generation Humboldt County native who graduated from HSU in 1994 with a BA degree in Child Development. She then went on to receive a Doctoral Degree in Audiology from Central Michigan University.

Dr. Marcuz is a board certified clinical audiologist and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. She also holds her certificate of clinical competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Dr. Marcuz has worked as an audiologist in a variety of clinical settings, including private practice clinics, university speech and hearing clinics, hospital settings, and hearing conservation programs for industry. In addition to her experience in audiology, she spent several years providing early intervention services to families with young children in Humboldt and Butte counties.

Bringing her skills and services back home, Dr. Marcuz has a successful practice in Eureka, Humboldt Audiology, specializing in diagnosing and treating hearing loss. Giving back to her community is an important mission for Dr. Marcuz. She has donated several "Loop" systems to senior community centers, which electromagnetically transmit sound to hearing aids and cochlear implants, in an attempt to create a more friendly listening environment for people with hearing loss. She also donates her time and expertise to speak to numerous professional and community groups about hearing loss, its causes, prevention, and treatment, as well as collaborating with non-profit organizations to fit low income patients with hearing aids.

Humboldt Audiology serves patients of all ages and provides comprehensive diagnostic testing and treatment with the use of hearing aids and other assistive listening technology. In addition she also fits hearing loss prevention products such as custom ear plugs for musicians, swimmers, surfers and hunters. For more information about Joanna Marcuz and Humboldt Audiology, visit their website at: http://www.humboldtaudiology.com.