Norman Maynard, Ph.D., Temporary Faculty in Economics

Background and research interests: Norman just completed his Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma last spring. His current research includes cross-country income and growth comparisons, using Bayesian statistics to improve measurement and classification. He is also interested in the medium- and long- run impact of recessions, disasters, and crises in developing countries. He won the "Provost Graduate Assistant Teaching Award" for excellence in teaching in 2009. This year, Norman will teach the Econ 311 (Intermediate Macroeconomics), Econ 435 (Money and Banking), Econ 323 (US Economic History), Econ 305 (International Economics and Globalization), and Econ 210 (Principles of Economics).

Where from: Norman, Oklahoma

Hobbies and interests: Outside the office, Norman enjoys spending time with his wife and two-year-old daughter. He is fascinated by dystopian societies, and is an avid (but selective) comic book reader.

Norman is looking forward to teaching several new courses this year, and is excited to be working on the upcoming Federal Reserve Symposium at HSU in November.