Dr. Marisol Ruiz

The College of Professional Studies is very pleased to Welcome Dr. Marisol Ruiz as a new Assistant Professor in the School of Education at Humboldt State University. Dr. Ruiz earned her Ph.D. in Language Literacy and Culture, with an emphasis in educational thought and cultural studies, from the University of New Mexico and is the newest addition the faculty in the School of Education at Humboldt State University.

Marisol specializes in Bilingual/TESOL Education, which includes language education, biliteracy, multiliteracy, teacher education, critical pedagogy and critical discourse analysis; participatory action research, teacher action research, and youth social movements.

She also specialize in youth organizing, self- determination and empowerment. Her research focuses on best literacy practices for linguistically and culturally diverse students which lead to youth's own self empowerment and concentration.

She uses her classroom as a research setting while preparing pre-service and in-service teachers to use critical and social justice literacy/biliteracy pedagogies. They also learn about how research used in their own classrooms can facilitate their own learning.