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HSU Hosts the Second Annual HSU School of Business Google Start Up Weekend March 23-25

Startup Weekend Crowd

During the weekend of March 23rd-25th, 66 CR and HSU students along with community members, participated in the Second Annual HSU School of Business Google Start Up Weekend.  After a rousing Keynote titled “Everything is a Prototype” by Lonnie Grafman, Faculty, HSU Environmental Resource Engineering dept and Founder of and President of Appropedia Foundation, thirty or so business idea “pitches” were made Friday night and 10 final teams were chosen.

These teams worked incredibly hard over the weekend to develop their ideas into potential businesses. On Saturday, after Amitoj Singh of GIC Total Return Group delivered an address entitled, “Do you Need Funding?”, teams went out to validate their customer base, hone in on their competitive advantage and develop their financial models.

Eighteen mentors from all across the campus and community participated in helping the teams achieve their goals.

Final presentations were held Sunday night, March 25th to a packed crowd in Founders Hall. Judges for the competition were Janet DePace from the Small Business Development Center, David Narum from Blue Lake Rancheria, and Amitoj Singh, Assistant Vice President of GIC Total Return Group in New York City.

The winning teams were:

1st place- Humboldt Wrench Collective, a membership based business providing space and tools to work on your vehicles or machinery

2nd place- Unipool, a carpool app for local College students

3rd Place- La Floresta, a business built around manufacturing products from the soap nut

The Crowd Favorite was Color, a business developing foundation and make up products for people of color.

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