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Psychology Professor Tasha Howe Presents at APA 2017 Conference

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Tasha Howe organized a symposium at the 125th annual convention of the American Psychological Association (APA) with international partners implementing the ACT Raising Safe Kids program around the world. Tasha served as the discussant and each presenter discussed cultural adaptations and empirical evaluations of this evidence-informed child abuse prevention program  in their countries. See for information on this program which has been implemented in 37 US States and 10 countries around the world. While in Washington D.C. for the APA convention, the ACT Raising Safe Kids Leadership Conference also took place and Dr. Howe discussed program evaluation issues, as well as her work in training people around the world to implement the program with parents. Tasha has trained social workers, teachers, counselors, and other social welfare professionals on the skills of violence prevention in Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Taiwan. She will continue to introduce the program in Russia and Mexico this fall.
Scroll down to see their annual report touting ACT!

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