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Dean John Y. Lee

Welcome to the College of Professional Studies. The College of Professional Studies is committed to the education of professionals who will have the opportunity to directly impact the human condition, be outstanding leaders in their discipline and share a powerful commitment to social, economic, and environmental justice. The core of our College programs focus on developing human potential for personal development, social and economic well being; and are connected to regional and distant communities through the active service and learning of our students and through our teaching, scholarship and professional activities.

We work with schools, communities, organizations, children and families, tribal communities, local business and industry. We work to guarantee equitable access and opportunities to enhance quality of life, and responsible, ethical application of professional knowledge. Our programs have a history of successes that have helped form the professional workforce and leadership of California and beyond.

Collectively, we nurture a College culture that values immersion, hands-on, and active participation in the learning process, that extends learning beyond the walls of the classroom, and that relies on engaged scholarship and professional presence in the community as a primary tool of the education process.