Major Requirements

The CRGS curriculum uses an intersectional feminist analysis as well as social, environmental, and reproductive justice perspectives to examine and address some of the major issues of our time. Courses introduce prominent debates in critical social theory and provide students with the opportunity to engage intersectional analysis to examine gendered, racialized, and/or sexualized relations in a transnational context. CRGS courses equip students with strong critical thinking, writing, and leadership skills. Further, multiple internship options allow students to put theory into practice and to connect their campus experience to a broader community involvement.

For current program information, please visit the Humboldt State University catalog link for the Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies [Interdisciplinary Studies] major.

Download the CRGS rotation plan (pdf)

Core Requirements: 26 units

Lower Division: 9 units

Core Conceptual Framework:

CRGS 108 (3) Power/Privilege: Gender, Race, Class, Sex

Historical Contexts - choose one from the following:

ES 105 (3) Introduction to Ethnic Studies"
WS 107 (3) Women, Culture, History

Contemporary Issues - choose one from the following:

ES 109 (3) Introduction to Chinese Studies
ES 110 (3) Introduction to African American Studies
WS 106 (3) Introdcution to Women's Studies

Upper Division: 12 units

CRGS 330 (3) Women of Color Feminisms
CRGS 360 (4) Race, Gender, and U.S. Law
CRGS 390 (4) Theory and Methods
CRGS 495 (1) Senior Portfolio

Service Learning: 5 units


Educ/CRGS 313 (3) Community Activism

2 units from the following list:

CRGS 410 (2) Internship
CRGS 491 (2) Mentoring

Choose one of three pathways:

Ethnic Studies, Multicultural Queer Studies, Women's Studies

Ethnic Studies: 16 units


ES 310 (4) US-Mexico Border

12 units from the following list, chosen in consultation with major advisor:

ES 245 (3) Hip Hop and the Black Experience
ES 304 (3) Migrations and Mosaics
ES 306 (3) World Cultures
ES 308 (3) Multicultural Perspectives
ES 314 (3) Chicano Culture and Society
ES 320 (3) African American History
ES 325 (3) From Civil Rights to Black Power
ES 326 (3) Minorities and the Media
ES 336 (4) Ethnic American Literature
ES 465(4) Multicultural Issues in Literature and Language
ES 480 (1-3) Special Topics in Ethnic Studies
Other advisor approved courses.

Multicultural Queer Studies: 16 units


PSYCH 437 (3) Sexual Diversity
Anth/WS 430 (4) Queer Across Cultures

9 units from the following list, chosen in consultation with the major advisor:

ED/PSYC/WS 318 (3) Gay and Lesbian Issues in Schools
ENGL 360: (4) When offered as Queer Theory
ENGL 336/ES 336/WS 336 (4) When offered as Multicultural Queer Narratives
ENGL 465B-C/ES 465B-C/WS 465B-C (4) Performing Race and Gender
PSYC 236 (1) Choice and Changes in Sexuality
PSYC/WS 436 (3) Human Sexuality
FILM 465 (4) Film Seminar: Queer Movies
WS 35: (4) Women’s Health and Body Politics
WS 370 (3-4) Queer Women’s Lives or ENGL 360 (4) Queer Women’s Literature
WS 480 (1) Transgender Lives and Experiences
Other advisor approved courses.

Women's Studies: 16 units


WS 315 (4) Sex, Gender and Globalization*

12 units from the following list, chosen in consultation with major advisor:

WS 303 (3) Third World Women’s Movements*
WS 317/Anth 317 (4) Women in Development
WS 320 (3) Act to End Sexual Violence II
WS 340 (3-4) Ecofeminism*
WS 350 (4) Women’s Health and Body Politics
WS 370: (3-4) Queer Women’s Lives  or  ENGL 360 (4) Queer Women’s Literature
WS/Hist 389 (4) Women in US History
WS/Anth 430 (3-4) Queer Across Cultures*
WS 336/ENGL 336/ES 336 (4) Ethnic American Literatures
WS/PSYC 419 (3) Family Violence
WS 465B-C (4) Multicultural Issues in Language and Literature
WS 480 (1-3) Selected Topics in Women’s Studies
Other advisor approved courses.

Note: Students must take a minimum of 2 courses with transnational focus (identified by asterisk.)