Maria Corral-RibordyMaria Corral-Ribordy

Behavioral and Social Sciences Building 244



Maria blends rigor, passion, and a dedication to both liberatory education and transformative social change in her classes, activism, and scholarship. Maria teaches a number of core courses for the CRGS major and ES, MQS, WS minors including “Power/Privilege,” “Introduction to Ethnic Studies,” and “Women, Culture, History.”  Her academic and activist interests include immigration and domestic violence.  More specifically, Maria employs an intersectional lens to examine the particular obstacles for survivors created by the intersection of intimate partner violence and the criminalization of undocumented immigration and migrants.

Maria earned her a MA in Education from HSU after having completed her cutting-edge thesis entitled Between Two Homelands: The Experiences of Undocumented Mexican Mothers with the K-12 Public School System in a Rural Community (2007).

Maria is currently pursuing her law degree, with the goal of working with migrant communities to help bring about justice for those whose basic human rights are continually violated as a result of policies and practices born out of interlocking systems of power, privilege and oppression.

Maria with students publizing HSU's MQS minor