A minor is similar to a major but is less comprehensive. Although a minor is not required for graduation, many students find that a minor complements their studies and enhances their career opportunities. Courses comprising the minor may also fulfill some general education or major requirements.

A minor must be completed in conjunction with a degree. Students must complete a minimum of 15 applicable units in one of three areas of study and meet all other academic requirements. For current program information, please visit the HSU catalog link for each minor as follows:

The ES and WS Minors offer students an introduction to the field of Ethnic Studies or Women's Studies, and the elective units enable students to craft an individual course of study to complement their majors.

The MQS Minor includes a Community Engagement and Leadership requirement that infuses it with a spirit of activism and community service while simultaneously providing students with field-based opportunities to grapple with issues of gender and sexual identity in a political, service, or cultural context. Sites for internships include (but are not limited to) The Raven Project, HSU's Health and Wellness Center, Planned Parenthood, and local high school based gay-straight alliances.

Minor Contracts