Jessica WhatcottJessica Whatcott


Jessica's vision is world where violence is not used as a tool of systematic oppression and inequality. She studies and takes action against all forms of violence, including neo-liberalism, nation-state consolidation, and interpersonal harm. Her areas of interest and research include prison abolition and building community-based accountability processes; movements and strategies for ending sexualized violence and domestic violence; feminist research methods; and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of politics. Jessica explores the many connections between theory and action for social justice. She draws on women of color feminisms, queer and trans theory, post-colonial theory, and anarchist theory to develop and enrich her social activism and to inspire students and others to take action for justice.

Jessica taught introductory courses for the CRGS department. She is an HSU alum, having received her Master's Degree in Social Science through the Environment and Community program. Her thesis was titled "The Politics of Violence: An Intersectional Feminist Audit of Institutions and Discourses in Humboldt County." She is currently pursuing her PhD in Politics at University of California Santa Cruz.