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Center for Service Learning and Academic Internships

Faculty – Risk Management Requirements & Implementation

ALL FACULTY – Risk Management Requirements & Implementation Steps For All Service Learning and Academic Internship Courses

All faculty teaching “S” Designated Service Learning or Academic Internship Courses are responsible for meeting the CSU/HSU Risk Management requirements established under the following policies, which are designed to cover the activities of HSU students in Service Learning and/or Academic Internship partnerships with community entities for course credit.  Details and a summary of requirements are available on the document, Risk Management Requirements for Faculty Overseeing Service Learning & Academic Internship Placements. The Center for Service Learning & Academic Internships (CSLAI) is here to support you with the implementation steps for these requirements!

CSU/HSU Policies

Additional Academic Internship Guidelines

For more information on best practices in Academic Internships, please see the following:


Requirements and Implementation Steps for Faculty

Developing Community Partnerships/Learning Sites for Student Placements:

The development of Community Partnerships/Learning Sites and site placements can be a lengthy process. Faculty are encouraged to begin the process by contacting CSLAI staff at least one semester prior to course offering.  ALL off campus/non HSU program sites where students will be in service are required to have Learning Site Agreement paperwork in place BEFORE students begin service at the location. The LSA paperwork includes a legal contract called the Learning Site Agreement (which establishes mutual responsibilities and insurance coverage requirements for both entities), and the Learning Site Self-Assessment (SSA), which the community partner completes to answer basic site-related risk management questions. CSLAI staff work closely with the Office of Contracts, Procurement & Risk Management to establish this contract paperwork.  Currently approved Learning Site lists can be found in your College Pagelet on the Faculty Portal, or by contacting Stacy Becker at 826-4963 spb1 [at] humboldt [dot] edu in the Center for Service Learning & Academic Internships.

To establish a new Learning Site / community partner not on the current “approved” list, faculty will need to initiate the process by completing the Faculty Request for New Service Learning & Academic Internship Learning Site (Information Form - Exhibit A), and sending as an email attachment to Stacy Becker at spb1 [at] humboldt [dot] edu or deliver to the Center for Service Learning and Academic Internships, Gist Hall Room 122.  Please download this document to your desktop and open it with Adobe Reader or Acrobat Pro, then complete it, save it, and finally send it as an attachment.

Hand iconLearning Site Agreements MUST be in place BEFORE students can begin service / counting hours for course credit at off-campus community sites, or on campus non-HSU programs, in order for the students to be covered with general and student professional liability insurance by the institution. 


Required Student Forms

The following four student risk management forms are to be completed by each student. Faculty must have the first three required forms in place before student(s) engage in their placements; Time Logs are turned in at the end of the learning experience.* 

1. HSU Release of Liability (PDF) 

The standard HSU Release of Liability is now required of all students in these learning experiences. Signed by student. Please note: if students are under 18 yrs. of age, faculty will need to secure parent / guardian signature.

2. HSU Participation Guidelines (PDF)

This document outlines student's rights and responsibilities. Faculty should review the participation guidelines and be prepared to discuss the information with their students. Signed by student.  Please note: if students are under 18 yrs. of age, this form needs parent / guardian signature.

3. HSU Student Learning Plan

This form identifies course objectives and lists contact information for all parties. Signed by student, faculty and Learning Site Supervisor.

4. HSU Student Time Log (PDF) 

Please advise students of the importance of serving only during their specific designated times at the learning site in order to be covered with professional liability insurance through the university; they must not exceed the designated times at the site. Signed by student, faculty and Learning Site Supervisor.

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*As of the Spring 2015 Semester, these documents will be available for students to complete via the new online Supporting Students & Service Sites - “S4” database - placement process (students under 18 yrs. of age will still need parent / guardian signatures on the hard copy forms identified above). Stay tuned for training / workshop offerings and announcements in Fall 2014!

Additional Information

Students enrolled in Academic Internship and/or “S” Service Learning courses at the University may create products/deliverables/valuable intellectual property while fulfilling course requirements that may or may not be in conjunction with employment/award, and/or through the use of University resources. The Addendum to the Student Learning Plan for Service Learning & Academic Internship Courses Intellectual Property with For Profit & Non-Profit Organizations form can be used in circumstances in which a student from an Academic Internship or Service Learning Course creates a product or deliverable, and shares the intellectual property with a Learning Site/Community Partner.

Records Retention

The faculty of record is required to retain these documents with the course grade records for three years. One useful strategy is to have these forms as part of the course assignments. Please check with your department to see if there is an established collection location for these documents to be retained.

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