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Center for Service Learning and Academic Internships

STUDENTS - Risk Managment Forms

Academic Internships

An Academic Internship formally integrates the student’s academic study with practical experience at a collaborating and “approved” organization site. Students are enrolled concurrently in courses to receive academic credit upon successful completion of these applied learning experiences. It is an activity designed to serve educational purposes by offering experience in an approved learning site, non-profit, government, or business setting. Students should consult with their faculty for more information on developing an Academic Internship with their major/discipline for course requirements. 

Service Learning Courses 

Service learning is a teaching method that promotes student learning through active participation in meaningful and planned service experiences at “approved” community learning sites that are substantively related to course content. Through reflective activities, students enhance their understanding of course content, general knowledge, sense of civic responsibility, self-awareness and commitment to the community. Students engaged in Service Learning practices for course credit are enrolled in officially “S” designated Service Learning courses. Look for the “S” at the end of course numbers to identify these course offerings.

Risk Management Requirements

Students are required to complete the following four forms, which are designed to cover the activities of HSU students enrolled in Service Learning or Academic Internship courses with community partners for course credit. Students should consult with their faculty before filling out these forms. All four Student Risk Documents are turned in to your faculty supervising your Service Learning or Academic Internship experience for course credit.
HSU Student Learning Plan - UNDERGRADUATES (pdf)
HSU Student Learning Plan - GRADUATES (pdf)
HSU Participation Guidelines (pdf)
HSU Student Time Log (pdf)
HSU Release of Liability (pdf)

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