California Cooperative Fish Research Unit

Current Students

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Student Name Project Major Professor
Emily Chen Redwood Creek Chinook Salmon monitoring and life cycle model Dr. Henderson
Hannah Coe Comparative habitat use of estuarine habitats with and without Cultch-on-Longline gear present Dr. Henderson
John Deibner-Hanson Relationships between habitat and overwinter survival of juvenile Coho Salmon in five northern California streams Dr. Wilzbach
Jon Hollis Export of invertebrate drift from headwater streams. Dr. Wilzbach
Emerson Kanawi Life cycle monitoring of Coho Salmon in Prairie Creek Dr. Henderson
Nissa Kreidler Habitat suitability mapping for Southern California Bight deep sea coral and sponge species Dr. Henderson
Chris Loomis Linking predation mortality to predator density and survival for out-migrating Chinook Salmon and steelhead in the lower San Joaquin River and South Delta. Dr. Henderson
Nicholas Van Vleet Habitat use and survival of nomadic juvenile Coho Salmon rearing in lower river tributaries Dr. Henderson