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Dai Suan xian ceremony

Dai Suan xian ceremony

Anthropology is a holistic science dedicated to the study of human cultural and biological diversity and evolution. Anthropology is unique in that integrates fields of study that traditionally span multiple disciplines in the sciences, arts, and professional studies.

Studying anthropology is a great way to develop very useful and marketable life skills that are broadly applicable to multiple career trajectories. Anthropology students learn to be very culturally aware, which is critical to learning how to communicate effectively in a wide variety of cultural situations.

We offer a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Minor in Anthropology, and a Master of Art’s in Applied Anthropology. Click on the resources and emphases below to learn more about the subfields of anthropology and the many career options in each!

“Studying Anthropology gave me the framework to understand how different cultures, including my own, operate and understand one another—that’s been invaluable in my international human rights work.”
Maria Paz Caceres
Indigenous Advocate &
New Voices National Fellow