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Curriculum ← Master of Arts in Applied Anthropology


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Core Requirements

(26 units, all courses required for all students)

  • ANTH 670 Introduction to Applied Anthropology (2 units – Summer Institute)
  • ANTH 671 Methods in Applied Anthropology (3 units – Summer Institute)
  • ANTH 672 Theory in Applied Anthropology (3 units, online)
  • ANTH 673 Anthropology in Practice (3 units, online)
  • ANTH 674 Project Design and Management (3 units, online)
  • ANTH 675 Applied Anthropology Field Placement (3 units, online)
  • ANTH 678 Pro Seminar (3 units total, online)
  • ANTH 690 Thesis/Field Research (6 units, online)

See Core Course descriptions for more information.


(9 units required)

All elec­tives must be advisor-approved and rel­e­vant to the MA pro­gram and the student’s focus. 

  • 6 units (usu­ally 2 courses) Anthropology Depth: Must be graduate-level Anthropology Electives taken during the program.
  • 3 units (usu­ally 1 course) Breadth/Applied Focus: Students must take one course from a discipline outside of Anthropology (a graduate level taken before or during the program, or an upper division undergraduate course taken during the program)

Core Course descriptions