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MA Curriculum

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Core Requirements

(26 units, all courses required for all students)

  • ANTH 670 Introduction to Applied Anthropology (2 units – Summer Institute)
  • ANTH 671 Methods in Applied Anthropology (3 units – Summer Institute)
  • ANTH 672 Theory in Applied Anthropology (3 units, online)
  • ANTH 673 Anthropology in Practice (3 units, online)
  • ANTH 674 Project Design and Management (3 units, online)
  • ANTH 675 Applied Anthropology Field Placement (3 units, online)
  • ANTH 678 Pro Seminar (3 units total, online)
  • ANTH 690 Thesis/Field Research (6 units, online)

See Core Course descriptions for more information.


(9 units required)

All elec­tives must be advisor-approved and rel­e­vant to the MA pro­gram and the student’s focus. 

  • 6 units (usu­ally 2 courses) Anthropology Depth: Must be graduate-level Anthropology Electives taken during the program.
  • 3 units (usu­ally 1 course) Breadth/Applied Focus: Students must take one course from a discipline outside of Anthropology (a graduate level taken before or during the program, or an upper division undergraduate course taken during the program)

Core Course descriptions

Potential electives are described in the MA program Course Schedule and the HSU Catalog.

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