Dendroecology Lab



Lab Director:

Dr. Rosemary Sherriff

Associate Professor,
Department of Geography

Graduate Faculty, 
Forestry, Watershed, and Wildland Sciences Program


Phone: 707-826-4119

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Lab Technician:

Kelly Muth

I have been working with Dr. Rosemary Sherriff for three years. I was a teaching assistant for Physical Geography while working on my B.A. in Geography, in addition to being a lab technician and research assistant in the Dendroecology Lab. My work includes dendrochronology, climate analysis and database management.


Current Graduate Students – Forest, Watershed and Wildland Graduate Program: 

Radek Glebocki

My research considers the effects of restoration thinning in young Douglas-fir - redwood forest stands on forest fuels. Specifically, I am looking at changes in fuel loads and fuel moisture content over the chronosequence of restoration thinnings in Headwaters Forest Reserve.


Zawisza Grabinski-Parker

My research involves visually modeling forest restoration scenarios in the Klamath National Forest and investigating fire severity interactions within the Klamath Mountain Ecoregion over the past 30 years.


Laura Lalemand

My research focuses on forest response to drought under different management practices in the Klamath Ecoregion. Specifically, I am investigating differences in forest response across a climatic gradient, forest type, and forest structure. 



Madelinn Schriver

My research concerns how oak woodlands in northern California have changed over time and if stand structure influences the relationship between annual growth in oak trees and climate.


Current Undergraduate Assistants:

Kris Anderson

Crystal  Nuenschwander

Allisons Potts

Emelie Traub

Olivia Zotter


Graduated Undergraduate Assistants:

Alysia Ballinger

Andrew Smith

Alicia Iverson

Richard Olsen

Madelinn Schriver

Rebecca Batzel (photographed)



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