Dendroecology Lab



Lab Director:

Dr. Rosemary Sherriff

Professor and Chair,
Department of Geography

Graduate Faculty, 
Forest and Wildland Sciences Program

Phone: 707-826-4119

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Current Lab Members:

Research Technichians

Micah Wright

I am broadly interested in disturbance ecology, especially relating to forested ecosystems. I am also interested in statistical programming, data visualization, and reproducible research.




Kelly Muth


I have been working with Dr. Rosemary Sherriff since 2011.  As a geography student (BA 2012), I was both a teaching assistant for Physical Geography and an undergraduate research assistant in the Dendroecology Lab. I've continued to work as a lab technician in the Dendroecology Lab part-time since 2011.  My work includes dendrochronology, climate analysis and database management.


Graduate Students  

Forest and Wildland Sciences Program

Jill Beckmann

In addition to being a graduate student at Humboldt State, Jill Beckmann is the GIS Specialist and Data Steward for the Karuk Tribe Department of Natural Resources. She has a BA in Geography with minors in both Biology and Natural Resources Planning from Humboldt State University (2006). Jill has worked for several different agencies and governments ranging from the North Cascades to the Coachella Valley, leading and cooperatively participating in several large-scale restoration projects. She has designed vegetation monitoring programs in Northern and Southern California and has extensive experience and knowledge of geographic information science and ecology. Jill currently serves as a core team member of the Western Klamath Restoration Partnership and is especially inspired by the Karuk Tribe’s place-based culture and commitment to revitalizing the relationship between human communities and the natural landscape through fire. She is also apart of the Fire Learning Network's Prescribed Fire Training Exchange Coaches Network and works as a Situation Unit Leader trainee on a Type 1 interagency incident management team.



Laura Lalemand


MS Thesis: Response to severe drought: does restoration thnning in coast redwood-Douglas-fir forests increase tree tolerance to drought in Redwood National Park, California.


Michael Vernon

MS Thesis: In the face of drought: do fuel treatments promote drought resistance in forests in Whiskeytown National Recreation Area?


Undergraduate Assistants

Sheamus Vaughn





Graduate Students

Forest and Wildland Sciences Program

Radek Glebocki (MS 2015)

MS Thesis: Fuel loading and moisture dynamics in thinned coast redwood-Douglas-fir forests in Headwaters Forest Reserve, California.


Zawisza Grabinski-Parker (MS 2015)

MS Thesis: Reburn severity interactions over 30 years in the Klamath Mountains Ecoregion, California, USA.


Madelinn Schriver (MS 2015)

MS Thesis: Stand and tree growth characteristics of Quercus Garryana and Quercus Kelloggi woodlands in Northwestern California.


Undergraduate Assistants

Kris Anderson

Alysia Ballinger

Rebecca Batzel (photographed)

Courtney Brown

John Grimes

Tracy Gatumu

Alicia Iverson

Kelly Muth

Crystal  Nuenschwander

Richard Olsen

Allisons Potts

Madelinn Schriver

Andrew Smith

Daniel Snow

Emelie Traub

Russell Walls

Olivia Zotter



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