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Meal Plans for 2016-2017

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Cereal with Milk 100
Fresh Fruit 30-50
"Los Bagels" Bagel 70
Waffle 150
Pancake 30
Donuts 60
Eggs 25
Hash Browns 50
Egg Muffins 75
Yoplait Yogurt® 83
Nacho Plate 150
Club Sandwich 100
Cheese Burgers 225 per pound.
Garden Burgers 105
Hot Turkey Sandwich 200
Calzones 150
Vegetable Chow Mein 70
Pizza Slice 80
French Fries 50
Salad Bar 310 per pound
Soup 75
Chips 89
Chicken Basket 225
Vegan Szechuan Tofu 125
BBQ Chicken 100
New York Steak 375
Pasta w/Sauce 200 per pound
Vegetarian Stirfry 100
Taco 200 per pound
Veggie Burrito 80
Baked Potato Bar 75
Steamed Vegetables 50
Rice 50
Hot Rolls 25
Refried Beans 40
12 oz Juice 65
12 oz Milk 40
12 oz Soft Drink 35
Desserts J POINTS
Cake / Pie 50 / 60
Soft Serve Ice Cream

50 cone / 200 per lb.

Haagen Daz Bar® 194


On Campus Meal Plans:

The following meal plans are available to HSU students that live on campus in the Residence Halls. Please sign up for one of the following meal plans through your "MyHousing" web account. You will need to stop in and see the Dining Services Cashier in the Jolly Giant Commons once your selections in the "MyHousing" account has been locked. (usually just before the semester starts).


Off Campus Meal Plans:

If you live off campus or are a faculty or staff member at HSU you can select our Off Campus Meal Plans. Please click on the link below to take you to the Off Campus Meal Plan information page. "

"Off Campus Meal Plan information page"


Is breakfast the most important meal of the day for you, or are you the type who can only stomach coffee in the morning? Do you skip lunch every day or do you feel compelled to gorge at noon? Perhaps you're a light eater with a passion for vegetarian eating. When it comes to food, everyone has a style of their own—which is why we offer four different meal plans to meet your needs.

Green Plan

This plan is designed for the student with a small to average appetite or who may eat off campus and at home on weekends. This student typically skips breakfast, eats a light lunch and average dinner. Students can spend an average of 859 points per day. Points can be added to this plan.

J Points: 199,200 for the Academic Year.   99,600 per semester
Cost: $4,704 for the Academic Year           $2,352.00 per semester

Gold Plan

This plan is designed for the student who eats a light breakfast and lunch, and a moderate dinner. Students can spend an average of 1219 points per day. Points can be added to this plan.

J Points: 283,200 for the Academic Year. 141,600 per semester
Cost: $5,544 for the Academic Year.        $2,772.00 per semester

Humboldt Plan

This plan is for the student who eats a moderate breakfast, lunch and dinner. Students can spend an average of 1605 points per day. Points can be added to this plan.

J Points: 373,400 for the Academic Year. 186,700 per semester
Cost: $6,446 for the Academic Year         $3,223.00 per semester

Mini Plan

This plan is only available to students who reside on campus in either Creekview, Campus Apartments or College Creek. Students can spend an average of 367 points per day. Students living in these areas have access to kitchen facilities but may not wish to prepare all of their own meals. Points cannot be added to this plan but an additional meal plan may be purchased.

J Points: 85,200 for the Academic Year. 42,600 per semester
Cost: $2,032 for the Academic Year       $1,016.00 per semester

Can I Add Points to my Plan?

You may need to purchase additional meal points during the year, regardless of the plan you selected (except for the Mini Meal Plan). This can happen to students with particularly large appetites or students who regularly eat high-priced entrees. Please note that half of your j-points are added to your account at the beginning of each semester except for off campus meal plans which are purchased by the semester.

You can purchase points on-line at My J Points Account. You can also add points to your meal plan by contacting the Housing Cashier in person or by phone at (707) 826-5510 during the office hours of 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. or visiting any of our dining retail outlets.

You can save on J Points by drinking fountain drinks and cafeteria-prepared items rather than prepackaged foods and bottled drinks.

The Director of Dining Services, Ron Rudebock, is also available to meet with you and help you budget and plan the most economical way to use your J Points. Ron can be reached at (707) 826-3451 or via email at

How Many Points Have I Spent.

See your account history by clicking on the following link;

My J Point Account History.

This is limited to the current academic year.

How Many Points Should I Have?

If you'd like your J points to last until the last day of finals week, you can view our weekly balance chart to see how many points you should have each week to stay on budget.

Click to view our J - Point budget chart.

One more thing about costs...

It is not possible to design a meal plan that will fit everyone's needs. The meal plans are priced differently because they are different sizes and are designed to fulfill the distinct eating habits of a variety of students.

Each meal plan includes fixed operating costs that cover the expense for staff wages, benefits, supplies, rent, insurance, utilities, etc., plus an allocation of points for the purchase of food.

All meal plans include two components, J-Points and Fixed Cost

The J-Points are the currency that you use to purchase items at the different dining venues and this is the balance you see on-line and on your receipt. J-Points are best used at The J, where you receive a 67% discount compared to cash prices. You can use J-Points at any other Dining Services location and receive a 25% discount. Using your J-Points at The J is your most economical choice, because the fixed cost portion of your meal plan (see below) is allocated towards the operation of The J.

The fixed cost portion of the meal plan is the portion that we allocate to pay for our non-food costs at The J. It pays for electricity, water, gas, wages, rent, insurance, replacement for lost and broken dishes, equipment, repairs, etc. When you purchase a meal plan, you will see the J-Point balance on-line and on your receipts, however, since the fixed cost is allocated internally, you will not see your fixed cost balance online or during transactions.