Exam Accommodations

General Exam Accommodation Information

Accommodations for course exams and standardized tests are available. Requests must be made to SDRC each term for every course in which you anticipate you will need accommodations. SDRC, then gives you a written form for you to take to your instructor indicating that you are eligible for this service. Furthermore, a copy of this notice is also sent to the University Testing Center (also located in the same building), which is available on site in which to take your exams if necessary. Please make arrangements with your course instructor, and then schedule an appointment with the Testing Center. Please schedule your appointment with the Testing Center at least seven days prior to the exam. Final exams should be scheduled as soon as possible and no less than 2 weeks prior to your final exam(s). Accommodations may include the following:

  • Extended Exam Time: The Testing Center is available to schedule exams, or, if your instructor is agreeable to and can provide the requested and reasonable accommodations, this is an option as well. Exp. Typically Time + one-half
  • Testing Location: The Testing Center can provide a room in which to take an exam, if appropriate. SDRC notifies the Testing Center if you are eligible for this service, after which you can schedule exam appointments directly with the Testing Center.
  • Scribe/Reader: For those with a reading or written language disability, you may request the services of a reader or scribe. These providers are trained by SDRC in appropriate amanuenses tactics. Upon your request, SDRC notifies the Testing Center if you are entitled to this service, after which you can request a scribe or reader directly from the Testing Center.
  • Visual-Tek: For those with visual impairments, arrangements can be made to take exams using a V-Tek rather than a personal reader.
  • Computers: Dependent on disability and corresponding documentation, exams may be taken on a computer in the Testing Center, or in the SDRC Computer Access Lab (CAL) if an adapted environment is necessary. Please discuss this when filling out your Service Agreement Form and Exam Accommodation Request forms.

Process for Exam Accommodation Requests

Printer-friendly version of Process for Exam Accommodation Requests is available for download.

Table of Contents

Determining Eligibility for Exam Accommodations

Students requesting exam accommodations must meet with an SDRC counselor and be determined eligible based upon appropriate disability documentation and SDRC completed program intake procedures. (For more information, please refer to the SDRC Policy and Procedures for Verifying Student Disabilities, Determining Services, and Academic Adjustments, Declination of Services, and Appeal Procedures - February 14, 2003.)

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Requesting for Exam Accommodation Memo's

Once established with the SDRC and determined eligible for exam accommodations, early and each semester, eligible students should meet with an SDRC counselor to request and complete Exam Accommodation Request Memo's (EARM's) for each class in which accommodations are appropriate and necessary. One copy of the EARM's is to be given to the student to provide to the Instructor, additional copies to the Testing Center and student file.

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Notifying Instructors

Students with completed EARM's should contact, meet with, and submit a copy of the EARM with instructors during office hours ASAP. Students encountering concerns or questions from instructors regarding approved exam accommodations or the accommodations process should contact and discuss the situation with an SDRC counselor ASAP.

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Scheduling Class Exams

Well in advance, students should reserve a time slot for each exam in the Testing Center. Scheduling of accommodated exams begins at the front desk in the SDRC office and whenever possible, accommodated exams should coincide with the regular class time for the exam. If this is not possible, approval must be provided by the instructor and submitted to the Testing Center.

Exams should be scheduled at least seven days prior to test administration (14 days for finals). Time and accommodations may be deducted or forfeited accordingly for students who are late for an exam.

Please Note: the Testing Center is not the only accommodation exam site. It is acceptable for an Instructor to offer and provide a reasonable site with corresponding and approved accommodations.

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Canceling Class Exams

Students are responsible to notify the Testing Center 24 hours in advance to cancel test accommodation arrangements. Students who have two no-shows or two incidents of failure to cancel within 24 hours, will need to meet with an SDRC counselor for advisement.

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Problems during Accommodated Exams within the Testing Center

Students encountering problems during their exams with a scribe, reader, or other exam accommodations/site issues should notify the Testing Center immediately. The Testing Center, in consultation with the SDRC will attempt to resolve the issue(s).

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Students eligible for and requesting accommodations for the ELM/EPT, need to complete an EARM with an SDRC counselor. Once completed, the SDRC counselor will submit a copy to the Testing Center.

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Prior to completion of an EARM for GWPE accommodation requests, students should pick up and compete a GWPE registration form, pay the appropriate fee at the Cashier's Office, and return to the SDRC and meet with a counselor to complete a corresponding EARM. Once completed, the GWPE registration form and an attached copy of the EARM should be submitted to the Testing Center.

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Other Standardized Exams

Requests for accommodation letters and copies of disability documentation (when necessary) should be made ASAP and no later than two weeks before the registration deadline. Late requests cannot be guaranteed service. Accommodation request letters should be submitted with the completed registration form(s) by the student to the corresponding testing agency (ETS, NES, etc.) preferably six weeks prior to the registration deadline as ETS' need to review documentation.

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