Students registered with the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) will automatically be added to the SDRC listserv (e-mail) mailing list. Throughout the semester we will send information via e-mail regarding program activities and updates, scholarship and job opportunities for students with disabilities, and any other important information. This is the most efficient means with which to get information to you.

Be sure to check your e-mail often so you won't miss any opportunities or important deadlines. The e-mail account used is the one you have identified as your "preferred" account and is not necessarily your HSU-assigned e-mail account.

You may unsubscribe to this list, though we do not encourage you to do so. We try not to bombard you with messages and generally will send between 10-15 messages per semester. Instructions for unsubscribing are at the bottom of each message sent to you from the SDRC listserv administrator.

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