Shipping & Receiving

Shipping and Receiving receives, inspects, and processes all of the University's incoming freight and prepares, packages, and ships all of the University's outgoing packages. The department is also responsible for maintaining an open purchase order file and following up on any outstanding purchase orders. Business hours are 8:00 a.m. until noon and 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m.


The following five options have a maximum weight limit of 150 pounds per package and a maximum size restriction per package of 130 inches combined length and girth, with the length not to exceed 108 inches. Packages with a declared value over $100.00 will be charged insurance for each additional $100.00 of coverage. The cost is usually 35 cents per $100.00. Electronic tracking is available for all of these options through Shipping & Receiving.


Next Day Air

Guaranteed delivery on the next business day to every address throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Saturday delivery is optional.

2nd Day Air

Guaranteed delivery on the second business day to every address throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. No Saturday delivery available.

3 Day Select

Guaranteed delivery on the third business day to every address throughout the contiguous 48 states. No Saturday delivery available.

Ground Service

Delivery service to every address throughout the 48 contiguous states. Delivery times are based on destination, but range from two to three days to addresses on the West Coast to 7 days to addresses on the East Coast. No Saturday delivery available.


World Wide Service

Air service only. Delivery times vary depending on the country, location of the recipient, and acts or omissions of Customs. A complete address and phone number are required. In addition, if you are shipping an item that has a commercial value you must provide Shipping & Receiving with a complete description of the item, an invoice showing its value, and its country of origin. Prices for international shipments can be verified prior to shipment through Shipping & Receiving.

Freight Service

Any package or item that weighs more than 150 pounds, exceeds the above size limits, or requires special handling such as hazardous materials (defined as those materials regulated under Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR)) will be shipped via freight line.

Please note that an item shipped by freight line is not insured by value but by weight. In most cases freight companies allow a value of $25.00 per pound. Please contact Shipping & Receiving for the name of the appropriate freight carrier, proper packaging instructions, and price for any pre-arranged shipments.

Required Shipping Information

When shipping a package through Shipping & Receiving please include the following information:

  1. The sending department, person responsible for contents and extension.
  2. Your department's operating expense (O.E.) account number. 1
  3. The recipient's name, address (no post office boxes), and telephone number.
  4. A list of all items contained within the parcel and valaue of contents.
  5. If the item is on a purchase order and if so reason for return.
  6. How you would like the parcel sent (i.e. ground, next day air). 2
  7. If pick up services is needed call 3932. 3
  8. If the package needs additional or complete packaging please call 3932. 4

1 To assist you with your monthly accounting, each package that is shipped will be assigned a four-digit number.This four-digit number will be noted on a copy of the original bill of lading along with the price for that shipment and will be sent to your department each month by Accounts Payable. This same number will also follow a 5400 number on your monthly accounting report.

2 Shipping will determine the most expedient and economical carrier for shipping your package with consideration to such factors as destination, priority, and type of material.

3Please note that the cutoff time for the Delivery Service to pick up outgoing packages is 2:00 p.m. The cutoff time for you to get a package to Shipping & Receiving to ensure that it goes out the same day is 2:30 p.m.

4 Shipping will package or crate any outgoing item, with the exception of hazardous materials, live or preserved animals, or important materials needing special attention. These exceptions are the responsibility of the sending department.


Material received on purchase orders is unpacked and inspected for damage and/or other irregularities and quantity and accuracy are verified against open University Purchase Orders. Problems such as damaged goods, irregular deliveries, exchanges, cancellations, and delayed deliveries will be handled by Shipping & Receiving.

Once the material is inspected and approved, it is repacked and sent to the (Deliver to:) address on the bottom of the purchase order. Please note that it is important to include the correct delivery point on the purchase order. Delivery personnel will only deliver to that location.

Delivered material will include a packing slip with a stamp indicating the date received and a stamp verifying delivery acceptance. Please return the signed packing slip to Shipping & Receiving within eight days. All other material received will be logged and delivered to the appropriate office.

In order for Shipping & Receiving to process material accurately and to deliver material expediently to the appropriate campus locations, it is important that the following address information be given when ordering material.

All material purchased on University Purchase Orders must be addressed:

ARCATA, CA  95521-8299

Please be sure to have the vendor note the purchase order number on the outside of the box and on the packing slip.

All other material should be addressed:

ARCATA, CA  95521-8299

The Shipping & Receiving Department will only process parcels concerning official business of the University or its auxiliaries and organizations. Shipping and Receiving reserves the right to open and inspect any package received for processing or assigned to it for transportation.