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Jennifer Eichstedt

Dr. Cheryl Johnson, ODEI Executive Director


Dr. Cheryl Johnson is the new Executive Director of the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) at HSU.  Dr. Johnson will also serve as the HSU Title IX Coordinator.  She earned her doctorate of psychology degree at Wright Institue in Berkeley, CA. Dr. Johnson was one of the founding members of the Wright Institute Students of Color (WISOC). WISOC was created to support students of color as they navigated the field of clinical psychology, a discipline not heavily populated by people of color. She later served as an alumnus on the admissions committee for three years, in order to recruit more people of color in the field of psychology.  Over her career, Dr. Johnson has worked with diverse populations such as the chronically mentally ill, incarcerated women re-entering into mainstream society and re-unifying with their children, homeless women and their children, school aged youth, and children and families involved with courts and social service systems. The principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion apply to all of work that Dr. Johnson has done and will continue to do in the future.


Jennifer Eichstedt

Dr. Ramona Bell, Associate Director, Fall 2017


Ramona is the Associate Director for the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for  Fall 2017. She is also a Professor in the Critical Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program, specializing in Africana Diasporic Studies and Ethnicity in Popular Culture. Ramona’s teaching experience and research interests include Black feminist theories, Africana Diasporic Literature, Black representation and identity formation, and Black popular cultures. Her book manuscript, Sporting Divas: Black Female Athletes, Citizenship, and Belonging, on which she’s currently working, interrogates the cultural messages that are signified by the representations of women athletes in the African Diaspora. She focuses on the bodies of Black women athletes as sites where the complexities of gender, race, nation and sexuality are inscribed and contested. Individual chapters focus on athletes of various geographical locations: The United States, the Caribbean, Europe, and South Africa. Her publications, “Narrating Nation: Exploring the Space of Americaness and the Place of African American Women Through the Works of June Jordan,” and “Droppin’ It Like It’s Hot: The Sporting Body of Serena Williams,” examine how the intersection of race, gender, class, nation, and sexuality frames the black female subject and how Black women constantly negotiate and navigate these discursive boundaries to make rightful claims to society’s resources.


Dr. Cheryl Johnson,Executive Director

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Dr. Ramona Bell ,Associate Director, (CRGS)

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Danielle Dickerson, Student Assistant

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