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Jennifer Eichstedt

Dr. Ramona Bell, Co-Director


Ramona is one of the new Co- Directors for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. She is also a Professor in the Critical Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program, specializing in Africana Diasporic Studies and Ethnicity in Popular Culture. Ramona’s teaching experience and research interests include Black feminist theories, Africana Diasporic Literature, Black representation and identity formation, and Black popular cultures. Her book manuscript, Sporting Divas: Black Female Athletes from 1960 to the Present, on which she’s currently working, interrogates the cultural messages that are signified by the representations of women athletes in the African Diaspora. She focuses on the bodies of Black women athletes as sites where the complexities of gender, race, nation and sexuality are inscribed and contested. Individual chapters focus on athletes of various geographical locations: The United States, the Caribbean, Europe, and South Africa. Her publications, “Narrating Nation: Exploring the Space of Americaness and the Place of African American Women Through the Works of June Jordan,” and “Droppin’ It Like It’s Hot: The Sporting Body of Serena Williams,” examine how the intersection of race, gender, class, nation, and sexuality frames the black female subject and how Black women constantly negotiate and navigate these discursive boundaries to make rightful claims to society’s resources.

Jennifer Eichstedt

Dr. Jennifer Eichstedt, Co-Director and Bias Response Coordinator


Jennifer is one of the new Co-Directors for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. She is also the current HSU Bias Response Coordinator. She has been working with students, staff, and faculty to develop this system over the last three years, and has been an active participant in social justice work on HSU's campus for 13 years. She serves as the Department Chair and a Professor in the Sociology Department and also collaborates in Conflict Resolution activities. Jennifer’s research areas of expertise include Sociology of Race/Ethnicity, Critical White Studies, Cultural Studies, Popular Culture, Social Movements, Stratification/Inequality, Gender Theory. Her passions grow out of being a working class white woman within a multi-racial family. She is an artist, dog trainer, and avid reader; and understands the importance of telling one's story and working towards a resolution. Come talk with her or have her come to your University unit to lead a workshop or discussion on bias response.

Amie Rodriquez

Jasmine Nunley, Administrative Support Coordinator


Jasmine is the Administrative Support Coordinator for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Inside the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Jasmine is responsible for the coordination, marketing, and funding of events and grants awarded through the office, as well as general administrative support. She is also the Operations Coordinator for the Faculty/Staff of Color Collective, the Student Advisory Council, the C.U.P.S. Reading Mentors Program, and the Institute for Student Success. She is an alumni of HSU and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology & Justice Studies with an emphasis in working with youth.  Prior to moving to Humboldt, and during her time as an HSU student, Jasmine held a variety of positions, including Instructor at College of the Redwood’s Upward Bound program, Tutor, Residential Advisor, Mentor, and Success Coach in Education/Youth Services. Jasmine's volunteerism includes working with populations differing in age, ability, race, religion, sexual orientation and socio-economic status. She is most passionate about her work with various educational non-profit organizations, which focuses on addressing the social issues that minority youth encounter in and outside the classroom. On her time off, Jasmine enjoys cooking, singing, reading, writing poetry, hiking and visiting family/friends out of town.