Annual Diversity Reports

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is charged with coordinating an annual process to track, monitor, and report on a range of key indicators of campus diversity at HSU.

Our 2014 (6th annual) report, Cultivating Diversity at HSU: enriching our educational community, provides an update on key indicators of campus diversity. It also highlights many of the steps we, as a campus, are taking to foster and inclusive campus environment for all. In addition, the report offers a range of staff and faculty perspectives on diversity and inclusion at HSU by highlighting the primary themes that emerged from our Spring 2014 Diversity Focus Group series.

Cultivating Diversity at HSU: enriching our educational community 6th Annual Report - Fall 2014

Supplemental Materials 

Potential Conversation Starters - Discussion Prompts - 2014

Endnotes Cultivating Diversity at HSU 2014

Glossary of Key Terms 2014

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