Diversity Reports

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is charged with coordinating a process to track, monitor, and report on a range of key indicators of campus diversity at HSU.

To respond to the changing needs on our campus, this year we will offer three Campus Diversity Updates—one in August, and one each in the Fall and Spring semesters.

The first Update provides context for HSU’s diversity-related work in the year ahead. As have past reports, the Fall and Spring Updates analyze key indicators of equity and diversity. Their frequency and timing will allow us to report on the most current data. They will highlight areas for improvement, celebrate successes, and monitor progress toward the many related goals outlined in the new Strategic Plan.

As a supplement to the Updates, we have collaborated with Institutional Research and Planning to develop online data dashboards -- which will live on this page -- for understanding diversity-related data. Every three years, we plan to publish a longer report that offers an in-depth retrospective analysis and focus group feedback.

Fall 2015 Campus Diversity Update

Diversity Data Dashboard

(Accessible version of the Fall 2015 Campus Diversity Update)

Strategic Diversiyt Update- August 2015