Faculty Diversity Development Grants

Applications for AY 18/19 Projects, due: March 8, 2018


The HSU Faculty Diversity Development Grants are designed to help support HSU’s goal of creating a more inclusive and diverse campus community. The work outlined in proposals must be completed by the end of the Spring 2018 semester. Activities funded by these grants are proposals that:

I. Foster diversity and inclusion across the curriculum: Proposals may focus either on pedagogical reforms aimed towards better meeting the needs of students from diverse backgrounds, or subject content reforms to better incorporate diverse perspectives into the curriculum. Proposals in this category must include plans for assessment and evaluation of student learning outcomes.

II. Enhance retention of under-represented faculty: Proposals may include assisting specific faculty members in meeting the qualifications for retention, tenure or promotion, and increasing the possibility of being considered positively for each personnel action or for career advancement.

III. Focus on scholarship related to diversity: Proposals may include research or creative projects focused on diversity issues in higher education and/or diversity as it is relevant to the applicant’s particular academic discipline. Proposals in this category must include plans for presenting the funded project to the campus community.

IV. Advance diverse faculty or advance diversity, equity and inclusion: Cheryl"xxxxxxxxxxxxx"