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Educational Programs


Students usually find easy access to several campus computer labs, including mainframe, mini, and microcomputers. Students are active in the Math Club, which meets weekly and sponsors various activities and talks.

Endowments honoring Michael Tucker and Harry Kieval enable the mathematics department to award a total of $2500 in scholarships to two or three outstanding math majors each year. The Harry S. Kieval endowment also provides for guest lecturers twice each year and for an annual scholarship ($300 per student) for one or two students transferring to Humboldt State University with the intention of majoring in mathematics. Potential careers include: systems analyst, teacher, statistics methods analyst, demographer, economic analyst, mathematics consultant, statistician, applied science programmer, financial investment analyst, actuary, and mathematician.

Degrees offered at HSU include:

In addition to the suite of classes typical for undergraduate mathematics study, several are of interest for continuing study in mathematical modeling. Some are:

For information concerning undergraduate study at HSU, please contact:

Department Chair
Diane Johnson
Department of Mathematics
Library 58
(707) 826-3143


The mathematical modeling option offers a range of mathematical techniques and applications. Students spend their second year on specific topics involving advanced modeling techniques in solving an environmental problem. Career possibilities include: mathematical modeler, systems analyst, resources analyst, and teacher.

Degrees offered by HSU include:

This program is administered by the coordinator of the Environmental Systems graduate program of the College of Natural Resources and Sciences.


Requirements for the Degree

Mathematical Modeling Option

For further information concerning graduate study at HSU, please contact:

Rollie Lamberson
Department of Mathematics
Library 48
(707) 826-4926

Graduate Secretary
College of Natural Resources & Sciences
Forestry 101
(707) 826-3256