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photo: trout modeling research team

photo: inSTREAM training participants

photo: Eduard Pardo

Our trout modeling research team, 2004: Garth Butcher, Mark Parrish, Eric Stewart, Paul Cunningham, Prof. Roland Lamberson, Steve Jackson

Participants in an inSTREAM training class, 2005: Amanda Rosenberger (USFS; now, Univ. Alaska Fairbanks), Charles Gowan (Randolph Macon Univ.), Brad Shepard (Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks), Tom Gast (T.R. Payne & Assoc.), Steve Lytinen (DePaul University)

Eduard Pardo (Technical University of Cartagena, Spain) visited us in 2009 to learn inSTREAM (here with Bret Harvey near our Bull Creek study site)

photo: individual-based modeling participants

photo: 2004 Ecological Society of America symposium

photo: New Mexico tour

Participants in a session on individual-based modeling we co-organized, Ecological Society of American annual meeting, 2000. Jim Anderson (Univ. of Washington), Bret Harvey, Rollie Lamberson, Steve Railsback, Chris Adami (California Institute of Technology), Volker Grimm, Steve Jackson, Steve Harper (Miami Univ.), Glen Ropella (The Swarm Corporation)

Participants in our 2004 Ecological Society of America symposium. Lou Gross (Univ. Tennessee), Wolf Mooij (Netherlands Institute of Ecology), Geir Huse (Institute for Marine Resources, Bergen, Norway), Uta Berger (Univ. Bremen, now Dresden Univ. Technology, Germany), Steve Railsback, Scott Peacor (now Michigan State Univ.), Jacob Weiner (Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark), Volker Grimm, Don DeAngelis (Univ. Miami)

Our tour of New Mexico following the session we co-organized at the 2009 Ecological Society meeting. Uta Berger, Steve Railsback, Volker Grimm, Jarl Giske (Univ. Bergen, Norwary), Julien Cucherousset and Richard Stillman (Univ. Bournemouth, UK), Ainara Cortes and Roger Jovani (Helmholz Centre for Environmental Research UFZ, Leipzig, Germany)

photo: 2009 ESA meeting

photo: Kyle Falbo

photo: Rollie Lamberson

Shunned from the sacred temple of Complexity...2009 ESA meeting

HSU grad student Kyle Falbo and teammate Muhammad Alokla (Syria) present their project, Dresden Univ. Technology summer course in individual- and agent-based modeling, 2009
Rollie Lamberson lectures at the individual-based modeling tutorial we presented at the 2005 Resource Modeling Association conference at HSU

photo: Dresden University 2007

photo: Dresden University 2008

photo: Dresden University 2009

Class photo, Dresden Univ. Technology summer course in individual- and agent-based modeling, 2007

Dresden Univ. Technology summer course in individual- and agent-based modeling, 2008

and 2009

photo: shorebird ecologists

photo: Tamara Grand

photo: Kjell Utne

Shorebird ecologists and individual-based modelers Richard Stillman and John Goss-Custard show Steve Railsback around their famous study site on the River Ex, England, 2008

Our good friends and collaborators Tamara Grand (Simon Fraser Univ) and Geir Huse (Univ. Bergen, now Institute for Marine Resources, Bergen, Norway) tour Prairie Creek during their 2000 visit to us.

and, in 2008, Geir's PhD student Kjell Utne re-enacts the famous visit to Prairie Creek.

photo: Bret Harvey

photo: Jason Dunham

photo: David Sear

Bret Harvey (US Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station, Redwood Sciences Lab, Arcata) is our lead fish ecologist. He is here at our first study site, Little Jones Creek, California

Jason Dunham (US Forest Service, now US Geological Survey Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center, Corvallis OR), Amanda Rosenberger (now, Univ. Alaska Fairbanks) and Bret Harvey tour study sites in the Boise River watershed for Amanda's application of our inSTREAM model to understand effects of forest fires

Geomorphologist David Sear (Univ. Southampton, UK) visited us to learn inSTREAM in 2008. Here, he contemplates using the model to evaluate his stream restoration in the New Forest National Park, England, during a visit by Steve Railsback

photo: Diane Sutherland

photo: Prof. Margaret Lang

Cort Pryor

Redwood Sciences Lab staffers Diane Sutherland and Susan Hilton set up a GPS to collect habitat variables at our S. Fork Eel River study site

Prof. Margaret Lang (HSU Department of Environmental Resource Engineering) sets up a total station to collect topography data for a 2-D hydrodynamic model used to drive inSTREAM-2D-SD, Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam, Utah

For the Flaming Gorge study, Cort Pryor (HSU graduate; Graham Mathews & Assoc., Arcata) operates an acoustic Doppler current profiler linked to GPS

Daniel Ayllon

TUD class 2013

Dr. Daniel Ayllón, Spanish instream flow researcher, spent a month with us in the fall of 2013.

We held our 2013 IBM instructors' short course at University Center in downtown Chicago.

The students in the 2013 Dresden University of Technology ABM summer school take a rest along the German-Czech border on hiking day.