of Assistance and Participation

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The Index is an ongoing collaborative research project involving Humboldt State Economics Department faculty, students, and participation by many private businesses and government agencies. HSU Professor Erick Eschker is the Director and two economics majors are project interns.  The Index team is grateful for the generous ongoing participation by area businesses and government agencies.

Attendees of the Retrospective presentation.

Dr. Steve Hackett is a founding Co-Director of the Index and served as the Executive Director until 2003. Under his leadership, the Index grew in scope and visibility. Steve is a professor in the Economics Department at Humboldt State University and continues to provide valuable guidance to local economic development organizations.

Dr. Tim Yeager is the other founding Co-Director of the Index, as well as a former member of the Economics Department. The Index cound not have happened without his energy and commitment. Tim is now working for the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Rick Whitsell at Humboldt Bank is gratefully acknowledged for contributing the original vision of the Index, as well as providing the contacts and convincing Humboldt Bank to provide the resources to get the Index started. Likewise Ted Mason at Humboldt Bank is to be thanked for helping us recruit manufacturing, retail, and hospitality participants, and for providing initial financial support.

Students play a vital role in gathering the primary data and producing the Index, and consequently receive some considerable hands-on experience working with and analyzing economic data. The Index project would not be possible without the capable collaborative efforts provided by students.

The following students have served as Assistants for the Index:

Lea Weber
Arnold Korst
Pai-Hsiang Yeh
Deborah Keeth
John Manning
Ceema Feizollahi
Jessica Digiambattista
Garrett Perks
Andrea Walters
Laura Lampley
Haley French
Blair Foulds
Casey O'Neill
Mike Kowtko Jr.
Schuyler Kirsch
Cody Tesher
Jonathan Ashbach
Catherine Carter
Paul Yzaguirre
Nathan Freney
Brett Poirier
Jacob Erickson
Katie Nazzario
Brittanie Smith
Jordan Morgan

After graduation, these students have gone on to work at Yahoo!, Silicon Graphics Corp., study at the UC Berkeley Boalt Hall Law School, enter the Ph.D. program in Economics at UC Santa Barbara, enter the M.A. program in Economics at Cal State Hayward, the M.S. program in Environmental Systems at Humboldt State, and the Masters Program in Security Studies at George Washington University, and work at Ipsos.

Finally, Don Son created the new Index website in 2003 and Garrett Perks made substantial upgrades in 2007. Matt Hawk redesigned the monthly Index in 2009.

Erick Eschker