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The HSU Department of Economics provides students with a rigorous core combined with applications that range from development and international trade to the environment, natural resources, sustainability, and clean energy. Economics majors get opportunities for hands-on analytical work, many of which are paid, and examples include the Humboldt Economic Index, HIIMR, the Eureka CPI project, sustainable rural development service learning, and instructional student assistant for classroom supplemental instruction sections. Majors choose either a traditional economics pathway or an interdisciplinary pathway that links the major to coursework in related fields such as business, international studies, natural resources planning, and more.


  • Major: Traditional Pathway
    Bachelor of Arts

    Prepare for your career or a post-baccalaureate education in economics

  • Major: Interdisciplinary Pathway
    Bachelor of Arts

    Develop an individually-designed interdisciplinary pathway

  • Minor
    in Economics

    Complement your major with a minor in Economics

  • What To Do With Your Degree
    in Economics

    Explore your career and graduate school options

Hands-on Learning


Humboldt Economic Index

One of the best-known ongoing, community-based research projects at HSU is the Humboldt Economic Index. The Index has primarily tracked six sectors of the Humboldt County economy since 1994.

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Humboldt Interdisciplinary Institute for Marijuana Research (HIIMR)

HIIMR is a recently formed institute dedicated to generating high quality research relating to marijuana. Headed by Dr. Erick Eschker and Dr. Josh Meisel, this institute's aim is to be on the forefront of marijuana research.

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Ruprecht Research Assistantship

The Ruprecht Research Assistantship engages students in Economics research projects with faculty while providing a stipend to help with college costs. This hands-on learning opportunity helps students synthesize what they learn class.

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Service Learning Course – ECON 470

Students in this course get an opportunity to get hands on learning through a sustainable rural economic development service learning project.

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Capstone Projects

All economics majors take the Econ 490 capstone experience course in their last spring semester at HSU. In this capstone experience every student gets an opportunity to engage in a capstone project. Examples include buying and retiring CO2 allowances from California’s cap and trade market, running the department’s Economic Forum events, planning Alumni Speaker events, or writing the Short Run department newsletter.

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Eureka CPI

Since 2013 students in the HSU Department of Economics have been gathering consumer price data in the Eureka area to construct and update the Eureka CPI project. In recent years the team leader is funded through the Ruprecht Research Assistantship.

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  • Jesse Carpentier

    “I led ECON 210L; the supplemental instruction for Principles of Economics. As the Supplemental instruction ISA I gained and improved a variety of skills that have made me a better leader and a much better communicator. I have learned how to answer questions effectively, illustrate concepts and create work problems based on material. Assisting students with different learning styles and levels of experience with economics has been both challenging and rewarding.”

    Jesse Carpentier
  • "Attending HSU was one of the best decisions I have made in my life."

    Omar Avendaño
  • Jane Anderson

    "For my capstone legacy project I edited the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 editions of our economics department newsletter, “The Short Run.” Highlights for me included covering economist Christina Romer’s speaking engagement; announcing the nomination of the first woman chair of the federal reserve, Janet Yellen; conducting a number of insightful interviews with faculty, students and alumni; and highlighting other capstone projects like the panel series, alumni speaking events, economic forums, and our new Facebook and LinkedIn groups."

    Jane Anderson
    Economics major, Business minor
  • Jeff Grabinski

    "Teaching ECON 280 gave me the opportunity to be in front of the classroom, and helped convince me that teaching was what I want to do. I was given a chance to develop a routine for my weekly section. I got to interact with the faculty on a weekly basis and learn different approaches to some of the core microeconomic concepts, which provided me with a deeper understanding."

    Jeff Grabinski
  • Cheyenne Arroyo

    "Through my time in the Economics department and HSU, I have found my life’s work."

    Cheyenne Arroyo
    Class of 2017

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  • Fri Dec 9th, 2016
    Fall 2016 Graduation Reception
  • Mon Dec 12th, 2016
    24th Annual Free Pancake Dinner
  • Mon Feb 13th, 2017
    International Education Week
  • Wed Apr 12th, 2017
    Outstanding Student Awards

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We'll be discussing his study on disease management in wine grape vineyards and private provisions of a public good.
Along with providing information on Sacramento State’s graduate program.
Pizza and drinks will be served!
Hope to see you there! : ) Awesome A.S. BBQ with Alma's Fronteriza's performing at the UC Quad earlier today! Have a great Friday everyone! @hsuassociatedstudents Stop by the MCC for free tea and coffee 🍵☕️