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Christopher Munshaw-Rodriguez

Alumnus Christopher Munshaw-Rodriguez
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"Professors Wilson, Hackett, and Eschker are all rockstars in my book!"

What have you been doing since graduating Humboldt State? (Graduate school, job, travel, etc.)

After HSU I went to California’s Central Valley and the Central Coast for a short, but meaningful three-year career with the California Community Colleges where I worked in program development, advising, and project management.
In December 2011 I completed an MBA at Claremont Graduate University’s Drucker School of Management. In addition to being a teaching assistant, I was a laboratory assistant at the Center for Neuroeconomic Studies where I studied hormones like oxytocin to see how our own chemical biology assists in making economic decisions. 
The summer before graduate school I traveled to Spain where I ran with the bulls, partied in Ibiza, and then made my way to ride camels in Morocco, snorkel in France, and drink beer in Germany. More recently I'vd extenddc my travels to London, Doha, and Singapore to network with alumni and get a feel for the local cultures, and mainly to see if I’d like living in any one of theses areas at some point.

What was your favorite aspect of Humboldt State’s Economics program?

Hands down my classmates and professors. Drinking beer with my classmates and professors at the Econ Forums – good times! Being Eschker’s research assistant to study the housing bubble before it all collapsed was a definite favorite. Also, the field trip to the SF Federal Reserve was quite memorable. Lastly would be the guest speakers; I always found them to be very insightful. Now that I think of it, despite my previous highlights, I especially am appreciative of Eschker during my first year in the program. My math skills were not the best, yet there was one week Eschker took the time to walk me through the steps. Each day after class we sat there in his office working problems on the white board until he felt I got it. That to me is what I valued most.

What part of Humboldt State’s Economics program did you find most useful after graduating? (Specific classes, structure of the program, etc.)
For me it was my classmates – their energy motivated me. We helped each other out. A few of us still keep in touch today. In regards to the program itself, the degree in economics was enough. Although I’m biased, in my opinion an economics degree carries more weight with employers and grad schools than similar degrees.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Yeah, Professor Ihara. If it wasn’t for him I’d probably still be struggling with writing papers. He was a great professor who will be missed.

I’m not sure if they are even still teaching in the department but professors Wilson, Hackett, and Eschker are all rockstars in my book! If you guys have access to them, connect with them and absorb whatever they have to offer.