Faculty and Staff

There are currently 3 full-time faculty members and 3 part-time lecturers in the Department of Economics. The faculty represent a range of disciplines within Economics that provide for a comprehensive curriculum in the undergraduate majors in Economics.

Name Phone Email Office
Erick Eschker photo Erick Eschker
(707) 826-3216 eschker@humboldt.edu Siemens Hall 206D, Fall 2015: On Leave
Will Fisher photo Will Fisher
(707) 826-3204 william.fisher@humboldt.edu Siemens Hall 206E, Fall 2015 Office Hours: Tuesday 10:30-12:00; Wednesday 2:00-2:50; and by appointment
Hackett photo Steven Hackett
Department Chair and Professor
(707) 826-3237 hackett@humboldt.edu Siemens Hall 206B, Fall 2015 Office Hours: Tuesday, Thursday 1:00-2:30; and by appointment
Schuyler Kirsch
707-826-3204 swk12@humboldt.edu Siemens Hall 206E, Fall 2015 Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday 12:00-1:00; or by appointment
Kristen Luke photo Kristen Luke
707-826-3204 kristen.luke@humboldt.edu Siemens Hall 206E, Fall 2015 Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday 1:00-2:30; or by appointment
Beth Wilson photo Beth Wilson
(707)826-5302 bwilson@humboldt.edu Siemens Hall 206C: Fall 2015 Office Hours: Wednesday 9:00-10:00; Thursday 3:00-4:00; and by appointment
Department Staff
Name Phone Email Office
Anthony Martinez
Student Assistant
(707) 826-3204
Mueller photo Jan Mueller
Academic Support Coordinator
(707)826-3204 janice.mueller@humboldt.edu Siemens Hall 206
Emeritus Faculty
Dr. Homer Balabanis 1923-1964 Dr. Homer Balabanis Profile
Bob Dickerson photo Dr. Bob Dickerson 1959-1983 Dr. Bob Dickerson Profile
Grobey picture Dr. John Grobey 1967-2001 Dr. John Grobey Profile
Jewett photo Dr. Frank Jewett 1959-1983
Kasun photo Dr. Jackie Kasun 1969-1992 Dr. Jackie Kasun Profile
Kittleson photo Dr. Bob Kittleson 1958-1983 Dr. Bob Kittleson Profile
Ruprecht photo Dr. Ted Ruprecht 1958-1992 Dr. Ted Ruprecht Profile