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The Certificate Program

Yellowstone Falls

The Certificate Program is designed for people interested in careers in the rapidly growing field of ecological tourism. The program offers a distance-learning (online) course of instruction in the concept, principles and practice of sustainable, ecology-based tourism. It is designed to be completed in one year, beginning with Course 1 in the fall and concluding with Course 3 in the summer.

Upon completion of the program, students will understand the following:

  • Global and national trends in tourism
  • Principles of ecology-based tourism
  • The tourism planning process
  • The role of ecotourism in community development
  • The role of education and interpretation in ecotourism
  • Sustainable architectural and site designs
  • Principles of tour guiding and itinerary planning
  • How to identify and market the ecotourist

Yellowstone Falls
(photo by Michael Sweeney)

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