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The Courses


These online courses are designed to develop a strong online community of learners through asynchronous classroom discussions between students and the instructor.

The first course in the series begins each fall semester.

FALL 2016 – Aug. 24-Dec. 18: COURSE 1

Introduction to Ecology & Sustainable Tourism
Planning & Management

$500 + $200 for credit, EMP x218 (4 units, optional)

A virtual guided tour of eight trips highlighting the history, concepts, principles and practice guidelines that distinguish ecotourism as a travel-style and destination as well as a means for sustainable economic development and conservation of critical natural areas.

One text is required.


SPRING 2016 - Jan. 19-May 14: COURSE 2

Issues of Sustainability and Responsibility – Directed Readings

Class #: 27609, $350 + $150 for credit, EMP x318 (3 units, optional, 27610)

This course takes you on three journeys into the unknown.

  • Climate change and carbon offsets
  • Ecological footprints and biodiversity
  • Community-based ecotourism and sustainable livelihoods

Three texts are required.

Prerequisite: Course 1, Introduction to Ecology and Sustainable Tourism Planning and Management.


SUMMER 2015 – June 1-Sept. 11: COURSE 3

Ecotourism Project Implementation – Directed Study

$350 + $150 for credit, EMP x418 (3 units, optional)

This course involves each student in a special ecological tourism study project.

For example, ecotourism projects can include developing an itinerary for an ecotour; a sustainable tourism marketing plan for a specific region, community, ecotour company or ecolodge facility; an interpretive and education program for ecotourists, among others.

Prerequisite: Course 2, Issues of Sustainability and Responsibility.



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