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The Courses


These online courses are designed to develop a strong online community of learners through asynchronous classroom discussions between students and the instructor.

The first course in the series begins each fall semester.

FALL 2015 – Aug. 24-Dec. 18: COURSE 1

Introduction to Ecology & Sustainable Tourism
Planning & Management

EMP x218 (4 units credit [optional], $700)

EENC x060 (noncredit, $500)

A virtual “guided tour” of eight trips highlighting the history, concepts, principles and practice guidelines that distinguish ecotourism as a travel-style and destination as well as a means for sustainable economic development and conservation of critical natural areas. Case studies provide examples of successful ecotourism and sustainable tourism projects. Assigned readings further address ecotourism issues. A series of “travel log” assignments allows students to explore specific issues in detail. The “internet café” allows a student to correspond with the instructor and other students and to discuss issues and share information. The “waiting for the bus” forum allows posting of current news or bulletins relevant to ecotourism. One text is required.


SPRING 2016 - Jan. 19-May 14: COURSE 2

Issues of Sustainability and Responsibility – Directed Readings

EMP x318 (3 units credit [optional], $500)

EENC x061 (noncredit, $350)

(Fees subject to change)

  1. Climate Change & Carbon Offsets
  2. Ecological Footprints & Biodiversity
  3. Community-based Ecotourism & Sustainable Livelihoods

The "Waiting for the Wind" forum provides a discussion area shared by the class on any topic. “Rendezvous” forums allow students to submit and comment on specific assignments related to ecotourism issues. Three Journey Logs will represent the final presentation of the students' insights and understanding of the issues. Three texts are required.

Prerequisite: Course 1, Introduction to Ecology and Sustainable Tourism Planning and Management.  


SUMMER 2015 – June 1-Sept. 11: COURSE 3

Ecotourism Project Implementation – Directed Study

EMP x418 (3 units, [optional], $500)

EENC x062 (noncredit, $350)

(Fees subject to change)

This capstone course involves each student in a special ecological tourism study project.
For example, ecotourism and sustainable tourism projects can include developing an itinerary for an ecotour, a sustainable tourism marketing plan for a specific region, community, ecotour company or ecolodge facility, an interpretive and education program for ecotourists, among others.
Three options are available:

  • Option 1, select a project subject from the instructor’s list;
  • Option 2, self-select a project subject;
  • Option 3, participate in an instructor-approved ecotour and relate the travel experience to a project in the context of ecotourism principles.

You will have the opportunity to communicate with the instructor as well as other students to define a study plan, review progress, provide feedback and direction, and evaluate results. The course will require background reading and research, discussion drafts, and a final report. The Moodle format will be utilized for posting questions, ideas, information, draft study plans, and final projects. No texts are required for this course.

Prerequisite: Course 2, Issues of Sustainability and Responsibility.



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