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The International Ecotourism Society (TIES)

TIES promotes ecotourism, which is defined as "responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people," by:

  • Creating an international network of individuals, institutions and the tourism industry;
  • Educating tourists and tourism professionals; and 
  • Influencing the tourism industry, public institutions and donors to integrate the principles of ecotourism into their operations and policies.

To learn more about TIES, visit the website

Conservation International

Conservation International (CI) began working with the tourism industry in 1992, focusing on the Triple Bottom Line (environmental, social and economic) long before it was popular to do so. Through their Ecotourism program, CI has invested significant resources in tourism related projects in over 15 countries globally. 

To find out more about Conservation International, visit the website.

Sustainable Travel International

Founded in 2002, Sustainable Travel International (STI) is a non-profit organization, dedicated to providing education and outreach services that help travelers, travel providers and related organizations support environmental conservation and protect cultural heritage while promoting cross-cultural understanding and economic development. 

To learn more about STI, visit the website.

Rainforest Alliance Eco-Index

Eco-Index Sustainable Tourism features businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean that have been deemed environmentally and socially friendly by reputable environmental organizations and/or ecotourism certification programs. The goal of this site is to help responsible travelers and tour agencies choose destinations that are not only beautiful, but also benefit the communities, flora and fauna they will be visiting. 

To review the Rainforest Alliance Eco-Index, visit the website.



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