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Department of Education

Administrative Services Class Schedules

Preliminary (Level I) Administrative Services Credential Course of Study

The following courses are designed to fulfill the Preliminary (Level I) Administrative Services Credential requirements.

Fall Semester
AS 645 Personnel Administration and Supervision (3)
AS 646 The Principal: Leader and Administrator (3)
AS 649 Ethics and School Administration (1)
AS 660 Technology and School Management (2)
AS 694 Elementary Administrative Field Experiences (3)
Fall semester units: 12 units
Spring Semester
AS 642 Curriculum: Development and Governance (3)
AS 647 Practicum: Diversity Issues and School Administration (2)
AS 648 Legal and Fiscal Aspects of School Administration (3)
AS 695 Secondary Administrative Field Experiences (3)
AS 696 Field Experiences Seminar and Final Evaluation (1)
Spring Semester units: 12 units

Total classroom units, fall and spring: 18 units

Field Experience
AS 694 Elementary Administrative Field Experiences (3) 135 hours
AS 695 Secondary Administrative Field Experiences (3) 135 hours
45 hours of fieldwork per semester unit   Total fieldwork hours: 270 hours

Field Experiences may not be started until the supervising site administrator, university supervisor and the student have met and agreed upon a Field Experiences Plan to meet the fieldwork requirements.

Professional (Level II) Administrative Services Credential Course of Study

Courses are designed to address the CCTC standards for the Professional Administrative Services Credential and fulfill requirements at HSU.

The courses in the program relate directly to principles of administrative practice in the five thematic areas established by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing: organizational and cultural environment; dynamics of strategic issues management; ethical and reflective leadership; evaluation, analysis and development of public policy; and management of information systems and human and fiscal resources.

First Semester
AS 661 Professional Development (2)
AS 662 Leadership, Management, Policy Development in a Multicultural Setting (2)
AS 663 Strategic Issues Management (2)
Total 6 units
Second Semester
AS 664 School and Community Relations (3)
AS 665 Ethical and Reflective Leadership (3)
AS 666 Information Systems, Fiscal and Human Resources (2)
AS 667 Administrative Assessment and Evaluation (2)
Total 10 units

Eight Units of Non-University Credit Requirement

There are no University registration fees for these required eight units unless the candidate chooses to enroll in University course work as part of the eight units for credit or 120 hours. These eight (8) units or 120 hours of non-university professional development are a requirement of the Professional Development Plan. This plan (PDP) is developed collaboratively among the candidate, mentor and university supervisor. The PDP is developed as part of the course, AS 661 Professional Development. There will be a series of meetings with the candidate, mentor and university supervisor for the development and approval of the plan.

The purpose of the non-university experience is to provide an opportunity for the new school administrator to have a positive on the job training experience with the support of a mentor. The PDP is an outline of the professional activities that will ensure a positive professional growth experience for the candidate.

Accredited professional organizations that may provide learning opportunities are the California School Leadership Academy (CSLA) and the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA). There may be other high quality professional development opportunities which have not been approved by the California Commission for Teacher Credentialing (CCTC). The university supervisor, mentor and candidate will evaluate these proposed professional development activities for approval. The approval process for these activities includes a written proposal, summary evaluation and verification of the professional development activities. The appropriate forms for this purpose will be provided upon request or may be found in the AS Program Handbook.


Professional (Level II) Administrative Services Credential candidates will not receive their Professional Administrative Services Credential until they have completed their second full year of full-time administrative service (CCTC).

Total required units for the Professional (Level II) Administrative Services Credential include:

  • 16 units of University Credit, Fall and Spring
  • 8 units or 120 hours of Non-University Credit (No enrollment fee)

Total Required Units: 24

Course work review

All credential applications are reviewed by a University credential analyst prior to being submitted to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for approval and the issuing of the credential.


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