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Department of Education

Elementary Education Partnership Council (EPC)

The EED Partnership Council (EPC) consists of members representing groups that interact with the EED credential program and provide a broad array of perspectives ranging from voices within the program (credential candidates, EED faculty, university supervisors) to our collaborating school districts (mentor teachers, administrators, Humboldt County Office of Education), to teachers' unions and parent associations. This council works with EED faculty in policy development and serves an oversight function.

Overview: The EED Partnership Council participates in HSU's Elementary Education Program in two key ways:

  • By engaging in ongoing and purposeful dialogue on substantive issues central to the design and implementation of the EED Program and by identifying and grappling with key program issues.
  • By developing program policies and reviewing program practices pertaining to the recruitment, selection, and advisement of candidates; development of curriculum; delivery of instruction; selection of field sites; design of field experiences; selection and preparation of mentor teachers and university supervisors; and assessment and verification of teaching competence.

Note: EPC meetings are open to the public. For additional information see EED Handbook.


EPC Membership

Name Group Represented Term Contact
Larry Rice EED Faculty Member 2009-11 lsr2@humboldt.edu
Bryn Coriell EED Program Coordinator 2009-11 bpc11@humboldt.edu
Tom Cook EED Program Leader 2009-11 tomcook@humboldt.edu
Wynona Nash EED Supervisor 2009-11
Deb Prevost EED Supervisor 2008-10  
Andrew Long EED Candidate 2009-10  
Amber Solbakken EED Candidate 2009-10  
Hollie Goodman EED Mentor Teacher 2009-11  
John Moor EED Mentor Teacher 2008-10  
Phil Zastrow ITEPP Representative 2009-11  
Suzanne Scott CAHSS Faculty 2008-10  
Jeffrey White CNRS Faculty 2009-11  
Dan Flockhart LSEE Advisor 2009-11  
Garry Eagles HCOE 2008-11  
Stephanie Crnich Member at large 2007-09  
Pat Self BTSA 2008-10  
Jenny Winsted EED Alumna 2008-10  
Margaret Flenner Local Administrator 2008-10  
Alison Hong Local Business 2007-10  
To be selected Local Parent Assoc. 2009-11  
To be selected Local Teachers Assoc. 2009-11  
To be selected Local Community Org. 2009-11  
Julie Van Sickle Educ Research 2009-11  


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