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Department of Education

Reading Certification Program Description


Although the School of Education at Humboldt State University is currently unable to offer our Reading Certificate Program, the University of California-Irvine offers a CCTC approved online Reading Certificate Program.  Please go to http://unex.uci.edu/certificates/education/reading/ for additional information.


The Reading Certificate Program at Humboldt State University is a rigorous, sequential series of five, three-unit courses and two, one-half semester-unit field experiences that provide the knowledge, skills, and practice necessary to help teachers help all children succeed in reading. The program is designed with the professional practioner in mind.

Candidates, and the colleagues with whom they work, are busy educators who need access to ideas that are firmly grounded in theory, yet offer clear explanations that related the theory to classroom practice.

Each course emphasizes that all children must read and write authentic texts and view cultural and linguistic diversity as differences rather than deficiencies. Because diversity interacts with reading acquisition and ability, the major goal of the coursework is to heighten awareness of culturally and linguistically diverse learners. Each course emphasizes the importance of the connections among cultural and linguistic experiences, reading, and writing.


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