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Ann Diver-Stamnes

Ann Diver Stamnes

Ann received HSU's Outstanding Professor Award in 2000. Click here to watch the video!

Professional Background

Ann Diver-Stamnes is a professor in the School of Education and has taught at HSU since 1990.  She received her B.A. in English Grammar and Composition from Johnston College of the University of Redlands, and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Ann is Secondary Education (SED) Program Leader, teaches in the SED Program and the M.A. in Education, and chairs a number of thesis committees.  Ann has taught high school English in rural (North Valley High School in Grants Pass, Oregon), suburban (Redlands High School in Redlands, California), and inner-city (David Starr Jordan High School in Los Angeles, California) settings.  As a high school teacher at Jordan High School in the Watts community of Los Angeles, she ran successful peer counseling and future teacher programs that provided service to local elementary schools, meals to the homeless in downtown Los Angeles, peer and cross-age tutors and counselors, and conflict management services, among others. 

In the year 2000, she received HSU Outstanding Professor Award.  She also received the California Teacher Educator of the Year Award by the Credential Counselors and Analysts of California in 2000. 

Professional Interests/Expertise

Ann’s professional interests include inner-city education, poverty and its impact on children, moral reasoning development, adolescent development, the juvenile justice system, and the teaching of academic writing skills. 


Ann has published four books and is currently at work on her fifth dealing with adolescent development, social perceptions of adolescence, and the ways in which current knowledge on adolescent development is utilized in the assignment of penalties for wrongdoing within the juvenile justice system.  Her published books include:

Commitment to Excellence – Transforming Teaching and Teacher Education in Inner-City and Urban Settings. (2002). Cresskill, NJ:  Hampton Press. (Co-edited with Linda Catelli of Dowling College)

Lives in the Balance:  Youth, Poverty, and Education in Watts. (1995). Albany, New York:  State University of New York Press.


Prevent, Repent, Reform, Revenge:  The Aims of Sanctions for Crimes and Misdeeds – A Study in Adolescent Moral Development. (1995). Westport, CT:  Greenwood Press. (with R. Murray Thomas of the University of California at Santa Barbara)


What Wrongdoers Deserve:  The Moral Reasoning Behind Responses to Misconduct. Westport, CT:  Greenwood Press, 1993. (with R. Murray Thomas of the University of California at Santa Barbara)

She served as series editor for the Teaching in the Inner City book series for the State University of New York Press from 1997 to 2001.  She has published articles on the marginalization of ethnic minority students, exploration of ethnicity/social class relations, adolescent development, ethnicity and human development, and peer counseling.  She has published a book chapter entitled Oppression and Resultant Violence in the Inner City:  Causes, Effects on Students, and Responsibilities of Educators, and another on the Johnston College experience in Hard Travelin' But Still Havin' a Good Time:  Innovative Education at the Johnston Center, 1979 – 2004.

Courses Taught at HSU

Ann teaches courses in the Secondary Education and graduate programs.  In the SED program, she teaches Educational Psychology, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, Basic Counseling Skills for Teachers, Conflict Management Skills for Teachers, and Issues in Inner-City Education, among others.  In the graduate program, she teaches Educational Psychology, Academic Writing in Education, and Advanced Academic Writing.  She chairs numerous thesis and project committees as well.

Outside Interests

When she is not at HSU, she can be found spending time with her husband Stephen who teaches in the Sociology Department at HSU, writing, cooking, playing her guitars and singing, studying Italian, hiking the local trails, or going on extended backpacking trips across the state. 


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