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Education Specialist Clear Credential: Mild/Moderate/Severe

The Special Education Clear Credential Program is required to be completed within 5 years of obtaining the Preliminary Education Specialist Credential.

Candidates will obtain a Clear Credential by taking a 24-unit professional development program at Humboldt State. All Clear Credential courses are "hybrid" which candidates complete on-site and online. Under certain circumstances, a total of six units may be earned through non-university professional development activities. To enter this program, students must have at least two years' full-time teaching experience in special education and be employed full time as special education teachers.

Procedures for Applying

Admission Requirements:

  • Possess a Preliminary Education Specialist Credential.
  • Verify employment in a position requiring an Education Specialist Credential
  • Submit two letters of recommendation - immediate supervisor and another school administrator
  • Complete the Education Specialist Clear Credential program application

Contact the Coordinator for information on applying to the Program (phone: 707-826-5795). Applications are accepted at any time during the academic year for admission the following semester.

Program Requirements

Clear Credential preparation is intended to enable new teachers to apply their Preliminary Credential preparation to the demands of professional positions while also fostering advanced skills and knowledge. The Clear Credential includes academic requirements, an individualized induction plan with a support component, and an option to allow some requirements to be met with non-university activities. Candidates attend one Saturday class each month and participate in online instruction. The emphasis of the professional preparation program is to move the special educator beyond the functional aspects of teaching to more advanced knowledge and reflective thinking about his or her role in providing effective instruction and an environment for student success.

Course Requirements:

SPED 651  Professional Development in Special Education (2)
                – Summer Course

SPED 652  Advanced Studies in Assessment and Instruction

SPED 653  Advanced Studies in Consultation, Collaboration,
                and Transition (3)

SPED 654  Advanced Behavioral, Emotional, and
                Environmental Support (3)

SPED 661  The Reflective Special Education Practitioner (2) –
                Summer Course


Emphasis Courses (6 units electives)

Candidates complete at least one of the following:

SPED 655  Advanced Studies in Learning Disabilities (3)

SPED 656  Advanced Studies in Severe Disabilities (3)

Candidates may complete two of the above courses, or they may select one course from the following:

EDUC 604  Education in Society (2)

EDUC 633  Pedagogy:  Practice and Research (2)
                + 1 Unit SPED 799

EDUC 650  Educational Psychology (2) + 1 Unit SPED 799

SPED 680   Single Case Research Design (2)

SPED 799   Directed Study (1-3)

Note: In accordance with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing requirements, the HSU Education Specialist Clear Credential program will allow candidates to substitute non-university activities (e.g., district-sponsored trainings, institutes, workshops) for up to six units of emphasis courses. The non-university activities may be taken for university credit, but they need not be. Candidates should consult with their HSU Clear Credential advisor for prior approval of any substitutions.

Additional State Requirements

HED 705     School Health Programs (2)

EDUC 390   Teacher Computer Competency (2)


Program Total = 24 units

Coursework is arranged in a sequence to foster advanced skills and is designed to build on the knowledge base established in the Level I program.

The individual Clear Credential induction plan form lists the academic requirements for each Education Specialist Clear Credential. Candidates are reminded that they will need verification of at least two years of full-time teaching experience as a special education teacher in order to apply for the Clear Credential program.

The coursework for the Clear Credential program can be integrated with the Masters of Education program requirements.


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