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Department of Education

Special Education Test Information

Basic Skills Requirement

Below are your options for meeting the Basic Skills Requirement, which must be met prior to entering the program:

  • Pass the CBEST (California Basic Educational Skills for Teachers). The last test possible test date we can accept for CBEST is the June test date. If you do not have proof of passing CBEST by August 1st prior to entering the credential program, we cannot admit you. For this reason, we strong recommend taking your tests early. To sign up for CBEST, go to the testing company's website: http:// www.cbest.nesinc.com
  • Pass the CSET: Writing Skills Test in addition to all three subtests of the Multiple Subjects CSET. Go to the CSET website to sign up: http://www.cset.nesinc.com
  • Use either EAP or ELM/EPT college placement test passing scores. We higly recommend choosing the CBEST or CSET: Writing Skills Test instead (for more information, click here). If you're interested in using the college placement test score option, please contact Program Coordinator Peggy Kirkpatrick at 707-826-5795 before the application deadline for advice and to find out if you qualify.

Subject Matter Competency: CSET or Approved Education Major

You must pass one of the California Subject Examinations for Teachers, (CSET) Multiple Subjects, English, Math, or Science exam. Or complete an undergraduate major in English, Math, or Science approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

If you'd like some help preparing for the CSET, we offer test prep workshops FREE here at HSU! Click here for details and dates.


Technology Competency

EDUC 285 Technology Skills for Educators or passed the CSET Preliminary Education Technology (test codes 133 and 134) exam, or an equivalent course at another university. For helpful information on meeting the Technology Competency requirement, see our Tips for Credential Applicants webpage.




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