Humboldt State University

School of Education

Elementary Education Deadlines

On or before February 15:

  1. Apply to the EED Program
  3. Apply for Certificate of Clearance to California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC)
  5. Begin, and preferably complete, 45 hours of early fieldwork. If you have questions about the fieldwork requirement or to verify that your hours will be accepted, please contact Bryn Coriell at 707.826.5108 prior to the application deadline.

On or before the beginning of the EED Program in early August:

  1. Pass CBEST (California Basic Educational Skills Test) on or before the June test date (for Fall Admissions) or pass the CSET: Writing Skills Test on or before the May test date. It is also possible to use certain college placement exam scores to waive this requirement.
  3. Pass CSET: Multiple Subjects Examination (California Subject Evaluation for Teachers).
  5. Complete Computer Competency (EDUC 285 at HSU, a comparable course at another university, or take the CSET: Preliminary Educational Technology Exam).
  7. Complete a course that addresses the US Constitution or pass the US Constitution test. CSU-system graduates will likely have met this requirement.
  9. Complete CPR certification (must have adult, infant, and child and cannot be an online class). Please note, CPR certification must be current throughout the program’s duration. If you are getting a one-year CPR card through the American Red Cross, it is best to complete your CPR training in July or early August before the program starts.