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School of Education

Elementary Education Forms

EED Forms for Schools

Guidelines for School Placement Interviews
School Site Interview Report Form
MT Service Form

EED Documents for Applicants

School Site Placement Interview Guidelines (PDF)
Google Maps - directions to Eureka City Schools
Humboldt County: Schools List (from HCOE website)

EED Apprentice Teaching - Forms for University Supervisors

Agreement for Fieldwork Apprenticeship (fill out for each placement, both fall and spring semester)
Form 751: Phase I
Form 752: Phase II
Form 753: Phase III
Form 754/755: Phase IV
TPE 7 Assessment - for teaching English Language Learners
Evaluation Criteria for EED Fieldwork Assessment Forms
Apprentice Teaching - Clinical Observation Summary    
Apprentice Observation Sheet
Supervisor Contact Log
Guided Observation - instructions on how supervisors can complete a guided observation with their apprentice
Lesson Plan Template
Content Standards

For Mentor Teachers

EED New Mentor Teacher Orientation Packet (PDF) 

School of Education Forms

Credential Check Form (used for all programs)
Fieldwork Setting Assessment Form (filled out by Apprentice Teachers and Supervisors each semester)

EED 210 Forms

EED 210: Student Evaluation - to be filled out by the Mentor Teacher once student’s observation is complete. Mentors: This form is an interactive PDF. Please fill out the form, click the "Submit by Email" button, and follow the prompts. Call the Assistant Coordinator at 707-826-5867 if you have questions.