Humboldt State University

School of Education

Elementary Education Mission Statement

The mission of the Elementary Education (EED) program at Humboldt State University (HSU) is to prepare professionals to serve in California schools and work directly with children and youth from diverse ethnic, linguistic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds, and to integrate appropriate modifications to meet the needs of students with exceptional needs. The EED program is designed to engage credential candidates in a developmental process of acquiring the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed to promote educational excellence and equity in the classroom, and to collaborate with others in supporting students and families with special needs.  The program offers credential candidates a program of course work and student teaching field experiences which is cohesively designed, well coordinated, and based on sound theoretical principles and scholarship.

Credential candidates completing Humboldt State’s Elementary Education credential program can be expected to demonstrate increasing sensitivity, competence, and confidence in working with the diverse population of students and families represented in our state and nation, and an understanding of the common traits and individual differences that characterize children and adolescents during several periods of development. By the end of the credential year, candidates can be expected to thoughtfully discuss and implement a variety of models for instruction, classroom management, and discipline, and to articulate their own educational philosophies in clear and coherent terms.

Our society needs teachers who are independent thinkers and who exert professional leadership. Credential candidates enrolled in the program must devote themselves to a rigorous program of study combining theory and practice; demonstrate academic excellence; and commit themselves to high ethical values and dedicated service.

The program provides a sturdy bridge connecting educational theory with practice, pre-service with in-service education, and the university with the school community. The program is designed to empower all participants—credential candidates, mentor teachers, supervisors, faculty, and staff—to view one another and themselves as resourceful individuals with valuable talents and potentialities. All participants are encouraged to demonstrate a genuine spirit of professional collegiality and to collaborate with one another with energy, enthusiasm, integrity, and mutual respect.