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PACT: Performance Assessment SED

PACT, the Performance Assessment for California Teachers, is one of the final assessments completed by credential students before they become teachers.   

Candidates practice related tasks during fall semester and complete the Teaching Event spring semester.

For the Teaching Event (TE), candidates follow procedures outlined in the Teaching Event Candidate Handbook and upload their completed Teaching Event tasks to Taskstream (see schedule of due dates in the SED PACT calendar below). The Teaching Events are scored by trained scorers (SED faculty, supervisors, and local educational professionals). Candidates receive their score reports and can debrief individually with SED faculty. If necessary, candidates may repeat one or more TE tasks and resubmit the product for scoring.

This calendar for 2016-2017 will be updated in Fall 2016. As a general reference, here is the calendar from 2015-2016.

PACT Calendar for SED Candidates: 2015-2016

November 29 Task 1 Context for Learning uploaded on TaskStream
January 4 Give Parent Permission forms to students for parent signatures
January 29 Collect permission forms and turn in with Permission Cover Page to Credential Programs Office
Jan 28 - Feb 15 Complete Video Elicited Lesson Reflection (Video yourself teaching; complete reflection template)
February 20 Task 2 Planning uploaded on TaskStream
February 20 Meet w/ supervisor to view video together and discuss your reflections; turn in reflections to supervisor (note: Presidents’ week Feb. 15-19)
March 19 Task 3 Instruction uploaded on TaskStream
April 2 Task 4 Assessment uploaded on TaskStream
April 17 Task 5 Reflection uploaded on TaskStream
April 17 by 8:00pm Deadline for complete TE upload on TaskStream; Deadline to turn in TE Authenticity Sign-Off Form (Eureka City Schools Spring break 13th - 17th, and Arcata schools Spring break 6th - 10th)
April 18 - 22 Complete PACT Demographic Survey online (click on this llink); submit Verification of Survey Completion to the Assistant Coordinator Bryn Coriell via email ( TE scoring by trained scorers
April 25 TE Scores available to candidates on TaskStream

Useful Links:

Overview - A brief overview of PACT. - The official PACT website.
Supporting Documents - Supporting Documents for PACT candidates. (Event Handbooks,  rubrics, etc)
Video editing instructions for firewire - These are instructions for PC users who want to work independently to upload video from one of our cameras to a computer and then edit their video.

PACT Forms - for candidate use

Click on the link below to view/download:

Video Elicited Lesson Reflection (VELR) packet (PDF)
VELR worksheet only (PDF)
Teaching Event Authenticity Sign-Off Form (PDF): for 2016-2017 credential candidates, this is due by April 1st, 2017.

Candidates: Once you have completed your PACT Teaching Event, read and complete this form, then give to your University Supervisor to sign and return to the Credential Office.

Camera Check-Out Information

As part of PACT, credential candidates film pieces of their lessons at their placement school sites. All PACT Camera equipment will be checked out via the HSU Technology Equipment Center (TEC). Equipment is offered on a first come, first serve basis.

Before any videotaping occurs, credential candidates need to have turned in the permission forms for all of the students in their class, signed by each student’s parent/guardian.

Permission Forms for PACT Videotaping

Click on each form’s name to view/download the form in Microsoft Word:
PACT Student Permission Forms Coversheet: To be filled out by the credential candidate, signed by Mentor Teacher & Principal, and attached on top of all of the parent permission forms.
Parent Permission Form in English: To be sent home with the student and signed by parent/guardian.
Parent Permission Form in Spanish: To be sent home with the student and signed by parent/guardian.