Humboldt State University

School of Education

Secondary Education Class Schedule

2042 Preliminary Single Subject Credential Courses

Fall (21 units)

Academic Coursework

SED 708 - Teacher Performance Assessment (1)
SED 711 - Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (1)
SED 712 - Teaching & Learning in Secondary Schools (2)
SED 713 - Classroom Management/ SED 714 - Ed. Psychology (3.5)
SED 715 - Multicultural Issues in Education (2)
SED 730 - Bilingual Theory and Methods/ SED 756 - Bilingual ELD Apps (3)
SED 743 - Content Area Literacy (2)
SED 731-741 - Secondary Curriculum Instruction in Specific Field (2)
SED 776 - Teaching in Inclusive Classrooms (2)

Fieldwork Courses

SED 717 - Service Learning in a Multicultural Setting (1)
SED 762 - Supervised Fieldwork in Apprentice Teaching (2)

Elective Courses

SED 705 - Middle Level Methods-Theory (1)

Spring (17.5 units)

Academic Coursework

SED 709 - PACT Support (1.5)
SED 755 - Literacy Applications (1)
SED 744-754 - Single Subject Seminar Special Methods Course (1)

Fieldwork Courses

SED 763 - Intersession Participation & Apprentice Teaching (1)
SED 764 - Apprentice Teaching Single Subject (6)
SED 765 - Apprentice Teaching Single Subject (6)
SED 766 - Intersession Apprentice Teaching (1)


SED Credential Program Calendar

The Secondary Education Program begins in the middle of August with a week-long intensive format for the course: SED 715 Multicultural Issues in Education. We identify this course as our capstone course which serves to create and foster the SED community for the academic year. The remainder of the courses are offered in the regular semester schedule. Please see the Schedule of Classes for more information.

During the Fall semester, you will be evaluated by your mentor teacher, supervisor, and both discipline-specific and education faculty in terms of you academic abilities and suitability for joining the teaching profession.

During Spring semester, from January through June, all credential candidates are expected to be at their student teaching school site the entire school day. All academic coursework is offered in the evenings. Credential candidates follow the school districts’ vacation schedule during spring semester. Many candidates find it difficult to hold part-time jobs or take substantial additional course work during full-time teacher apprenticeship. SED candidates must maintain a “B” average to remain in the program.

Please see the SED Handbook for more information.

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