Humboldt State University

School of Education

Secondary Education University Supervisors

Who are the University Supervisors?

Supervisors are full- or part-time university faculty members who have experience teaching in public schools in grades 7-12. Supervisors serve as liaisons between cooperating schools and the Secondary Education Program. They work closely with mentor teachers to support apprentice teachers throughout their practice teaching and to evaluate apprentice teachers’ performances in meeting the beginning teaching standards. For supervisor contact information, contact the School of Education Office, (707) 826-5867.

Note: Additional information is available in the SED Handbook.
The following is a list of SED supervisors. Not all of these supervisors are active every semester. For current supervisor assignments, contact the School of Education Office, (707) 826-5867.

Mark Adams - English and Science
Brad Ballinger - Math
Heather Ballinger - Social Science
Paul Cummings - Music
Bob Fisher - Social Science
David Jordan - Art
Ron Maher - Phys. Educ. & Science
Shannon Morago - English
Gayle Olson-Raymer - Social Science
Nick Parker - Physical Education
Suzanne Samberg - Science
Nora Wynne - Science