Humboldt State University

School of Education

Master’s Programs

HSU offers an MA in Education and a combined MA/Educational Leadership Administrative Credential. The MA coursework is designed to support, provide access and create opportunities for students to engage on a diverse range of topics in alternative education, curriculum, child development, critical pedagogy and more. The program was created for educational professionals to engage in scholarship and deep explorations of topics they find compelling.  Professionals ready to engage in challenging work, commit to deepening their understanding of the educational enterprise and develop the skills/attitudes of academic scholars, will find a rich and rewarding learning community to support their growth in the field.
Our programs help educators assume enhanced and more focused leadership roles in their schools. We foster an ethic of educating with passion for learning, persistence in seeking insights, and creativity. The coursework and projects help educators make strong connections between student learning, social concerns, and the educational system. The MA program is flexible and tailored to the specific areas of interest of the student. Through close interactions with faculty and other students, master’s candidates broaden their understanding of the theoretical and methodological aspects of teaching and administration by articulating what they know, asking meaningful questions about their practice, relating their practice to the professional literature, and capitalizing on opportunities for assessment.
Through collaboration with departments across the university, we integrate ideas across disciplines, identify generative topics as the basis for curricula, and explore connections between our students’ interests across disciplines.

  • Courses are offered in the evenings and on weekends to meet the needs of working teachers/administrators.
  • Courses are designed so that students can tailor the coursework to their interests.
  • Disciplines such as art, math, science, music, etc. can be the focus of the emphasis area in the M.A. Ed. program.