Information for Staff and Faculty

You, as an employee of HSU, have a legal right to a safe and healthful workplace free of recognized hazards. The University is required to inform you of the hazards to which you may be exposed in your work area and train you on the corresponding safe work practices. It is the responsibility of your supervisor to facilitate and assure that the appropriate hazard information is communicated to you and that you receive the necessary training . It is your responsibility as an employee of the University to follow safe work practices and to notify your supervisor of any previously unidentified hazards.

Safety/Suggestion Action Form

The Safety Suggestion/Action Form has been created to help our department help you in correcting any hazards you may see in your work area. Fill out the form and submit it to EHS. Imminent hazards to life and health should be reported immediately to your supervisor or EHS at x5711.


Training is a key element in keeping a work area safe from hazards. There are many training opportunities available through EHS. To see currently available trainings, visit the training schedule page of this site.