Surplus Materials

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These materials are restricted to use on campus by faculty and staff.

Program Description

Humboldt State University is a hazardous waste generator and, therefore, is obligated under the law to reduce the volume and/or toxicity of waste generated to the extent that is economically practicable. EHS recycles and redistributes materials through the Surplus Material Redistribution Program which minimizes the waste streams generated by the campus.


Recycling is beneficial both to the environment as well as the participating parties. The recipient receives the chemical at no cost thus decreasing total material purchase costs. The donor saves the expenses associated with hazardous waste disposal. However, the main goal of the program is to raise consciousness and awareness of hazardous materials and waste issues.

As awareness is raised, the need for surplus materials redistribution should be phased out, as there should be no excess or surplus materials, due to careful inventory and ordering of materials. Therefore, as the program is more successful, the need for the program diminishes.

If you see anything on the redistribution list that you would like to have contact the EHS at (707) 826-5711.