Responsible for protecting the lives of every person on campus.

EOC News & Announcements

The following are a archive of news and announcements to provide current information to the campus community on all aspects of emergency management.
Date Posted Subject
Apr-18-2013 2013 CERT Academy
Mar-25-2013 Disaster Preparedness Classes
Mar-19-2013 Emergency Alert System Test 03/28/13
Oct-1-2012 Emergency Alert System Test 10/11/12
March-7-2012 Spring 2012 Emergency Alert Test
Sept-14-2011 Emergency Alert Notification System Test
Nov-30-2010 Campus Alert System Test
Mar-22-2010 Campus Alert System Test
Sept-16-2009 Campus Alert System Test
Sept-3-2009 The Great California ShakeOut
Sept-3-2009 Septemeber Preparedness
Sept-3-2009 Emergency Text Messaging
April-29-2009 Cover Your Cough
April-3-2009 Personal Preparedness/Tsunami Awareness Training Postponed
Feb-5-2009 Campus Alert System Test
Oct-3-2008 Every Month is Preparedness Month
Sept-25-2008 Campus Alert System Test
Aug-8-2008 September is Preparedness Month
Sept-20-2007 Emergency Alert System Drill Thursday 09-27-07
Sept-4-2007 Campus Emergency Preparedness Information
Jan-24-2007 Earthquake Preparedness
Jan-11-2007 NEW Evacuation & Drill Information
Mar-31-2005 EOC Activation Drill
Jul-3-2003 Evacuation of Disabled Persons Training
May-9-2003 Evacuation Procedures
Nov-1-2001 Updated Guidelines for Handling Mail
Oct-18-2001 Terrorism Readiness in the State of California
Oct-16-2001 Guidelines for Handling Mail
Sep-4-2001 Power Outages
Apr-12-2001 Semester Emergency/Disaster Exercises
Mar-30-2001 Periodic Electrical Outages
Jan-17-2001 Potential for Electrical Outage
Dec-19-2000 Emergency Operations Response to Electrical Power Outages
Apr-3-2000 Evacuating Buildings
Mar-30-2000 Evacuation Exercise Purpose & Frequently Asked Questions
Mar-17-2000 Emergency Assembly Points (EAPs)
Mar-10-2000 Campus-Wide Emergency Exercise April 28, 2000