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Potential for Electrical Outage

Posted Jan-17-2001

The State is experiencing an energy crisis that could cause the Campus to experience power interruptions. When the State electrical system is overtaxed or near collapse, the California Independent System Operator issues an emergency alert. A Stage 2 alert means that the system has 5% or less electrical reserves and a Stage 3 alert means that the system has 1.5% or less electrical reserves. HSU has received several notifications of Stage 3 alerts.

Should electrical power go out on campus, the University will continue to operate as normally as possible, taking into account safety and the availability of light and ventilation. Safety will always be the top priority.

Remembering that the University will function as normally as possible, employees are to remain at their workplace, unless specifically instructed by their supervisor to the contrary. Faculty who dismiss students from their classes because of a power outage should report this action to the chair of their department.

A Stage 3 emergency alert means electrical power could be lost without warning for periods of 30 minutes to 2 hours as part of the state system of rotating outages. In a power failure, emergency lighting should illuminate exits. Most fire alarms should be operational and the campus telephones will remain operational. During a Stage 3 alert, avoid using elevators as much as possible because they will not operate during power outages. If you are in an elevator during a power outage, remember that the outage is for a limited duration. Use the emergency phone in the elevator to notify the University Police (extension 3456) of your situation. Do not try to climb out of the elevator!

All personnel should continue to take energy-saving measures such as turning off unnecessary lights, computers when not in use and nonessential appliances.

Every effort will be made to keep the csampus informed of any conditions that may affect normal campus operations. The Campus Information Line (826-4636) will also be utilized, providing brief information regarding campus conditions.

All persons desiring a safety escort may call the University Police at extension 3456.

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