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Semester Emergency/Disaster Exercises

Posted Apr-12-2001

In accordance with the California State University Chancellor's Executive Order No. 696 (January 1999), our campus will conduct an emergency/disaster exercise once each semester to assess critical aspects of our campus's ability to respond to a disaster.

Unlike the campus-wide evacuation exercise that was held in April 2000, the semester exercises will not be campus wide. The semester exercises will involve a single building/facility or a small group of buildings/facilities. In most circumstances, the exercises will be evacuations to the nearest Emergency Assembly Points (EAPs) in response to building alarm systems.

As a reminder, the five designated Emergency Assembly Points are:

  • Redwood Bowl
  • Cypress Lawn
  • Upper Playfield (Above Redwood Bowl)
  • Lower Playfield (Soccer Field)
  • Special Events Field (In Front of Forestry Bldg)

The Emergency Assembly Points Bulletin explains in detail the purpose of EAPs.

The first semester exercise will be held this month, and building coordinators will participate in the conduct of the exercise.

These exercises fulfill part of the University's legal and moral responsibility to prepare for the safety of its students, employees (faculty and staff) and visitors; and, in so doing, it will help individuals develop within themselves a greater sense of purpose and direction that will serve them well in an emergency.

For further information regarding the campus Emergency Management Plan and program, please visit the Humboldt State University Police Department website or call x3456 24 hours a day.

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